What's new at SmugMug?
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USA Today

USA Today - 2/08

"SmugMug has thrived in a competitive market."

Los Angeles Times

LA Times - 12/07

The SmugMug family makes the front page Column One on Christmas Eve.

Scoble Show

Scoble Show - 12/07

"[SmugMug] blows away other photo sharing sites on large monitors."

Watch Don, CEO and Chief Geek at SmugMug, give a tour of SmugMug HQ and show off the new features.


TechCrunch - 12/07

"SmugMug has released a set of new features that further cements itself as a first-rate photo sharing website."

CNET News.com - 12/07

"SmugMug has been retooled with a more adaptable interface and overhauled video-sharing technology."

Parenting magazine

Parenting - 10/07

"The most elegant site out there, with no ads or spam."


Apple.com - 10/07

SmugMug is featured as a top 10 staff pick for iPhone web apps.


Entrepreneur.com - 10/07

Snapshot of an Underdog: "A father-and-son team challenge industry giants." Read more.

New York Times

NYT - 6/07

"Snapshots that do more than bore friends."

Business Week

Business Week - 3/07

SmugMug is featured in Business Week’s family-owned business section online.

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Latest Press

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine - 3/11

Innovators Chris and Don MacAskill talk about starting SmugMug at Entrepreneur Magazine.

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