SmugMug's Artist in Residence: Photojournalist B.D. Colen

B. D. Colen Documents Life on SmugMug

BD Colen

A documentary photographer and lecturer at MIT, B. D. Colen is also a SmugMug Artist-in-Residence who offers valuable insight on documentary and street photography.

Living the life we dream

Starting from scratch, he launched his career in his teenage years with a simple internship for a weekly paper. The resulting success catapulted him into 23-year stretch as a reporter, editor, medical writer, and columnist for notable publications like The Washington Post and Newsday. His coverage of the famine in Somalia stirred his art, rekindling his love of photography and moving him to establish "A Day in Our Life": a project dedicated to providing individuals, families, corporate and editorial clients with commissioned documentary photography.

50 years of knowledge

With a Pulitzer Prize for reporting under his belt, B. D. teaches at MIT and Harvard and is eager to share his experience with budding photographers on Digital Grin. He'll lead the charge to shooting faces and moments and help you refine your vision and develop as a photographer. Above all, he'll share how to capture subjects with honesty and skill.

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