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Flowers :


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Cape Coral, FL -2014 :

Cape Coral, FL -2014

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Nature - General :

Nature - General

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Clouds :


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Birds (Mountain) :

Birds (Mountain)

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Very Best :

Very Best

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Sun :


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Daily photos : Over one year ago, I begun posting on this Daily Gallery. Through all my messy shots , I have never felt like giving up ,and now in January 2013, I have the time to take short workshops and courses in photography. YAY !!!Also have nap times scheduled in between visits to Timmies" coffee shop.!! Thank you all smugmug members for helping me to stay positive! 
      August 2012: Please Note!!  Thank you , thank you for all the help with suggestions for my homepage and the changes that have been made with your ideas!  I'm thrilled to be on a site where it feels so much like Family and doubly thrilled to get feedback on any of my shots and a better way to work with them.  My heart swells when I get such compliments as " your work has gotten so much better". Thank you W...A,,and Indigo.And everyone on this wonderful, fun site. xxx
  Dec.2012 Graduate theme for my page is selected ' cause I'm going to be retired as of next week and it feels like a GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yeee haw
January 2013:: Enjoying retirement a lot. It gets better everyday! New theme color cause holidays are over and this matches my ship!!
  Thank you to all who are helping with suggestions re my work. I'm trying to do some of the ideas presented. I need to take a workshop to operate both my camera and  the program I have for altering pictures, so I can use both for the best results. I'm a little nervous with all of it just now! I keep trying with lots of practice though! Feb.6/13Taken before "private property" , see some shots in practice gallery please.

Daily photos

Over one year ago, I begun posting on this Daily Gallery. Through all ...

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Backyard : These photographs were taken in our front and back yards where we have a lot of native plants and insect pests, pollinators and predators.  When we prune our shrubs and trees in the winter we're always on the watch for praying manits egg cases and we save the pruning with the egg case attached, keep them outside all winter, then relocate them around the yard in time for them to hatch in late April or early May.  The hatchlings descend from the egg cases on tiny threads and somehow get all six legs disengaged and functioning - and are soon dispersing to new areas.  These little guys are great at eating unwanted pests.   We can find them for weeks at a time on the underside of the same leaf!  As summer progresses we watch them grow to adults.  In the fall they mate and the females lay new egg cases before they die.  The fishpond produces damsel and dragonflies that are great at catching insect pests on the wing. We like the pipeline caterpillars.  They munch pretty exclusively of the dutchman's pipeline.  After they grow to their maximum size, they become a chrysalis.  We had two that went into this state on June 10 and will not hatch until next spring.  What comes out of the chrysalis is a beautiful pipeline butterfly, overall black with iridescent blue tails on each wing.


These photographs were taken in our front and back yards where we have ...

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Insects and Spiders : Nature Photos

Insects and Spiders

Nature Photos

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