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NEC Bike Show 2005 :

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Cape Fear 1000 - 2014 :

Cape Fear 1000 - 2014

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Dairyland Classic 2013


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Monster Traffic Belgium : For those not yet convinced about commuting on the motorbike: check these nice screenshots I've collected since 2007. It's the daily life of car drivers in Belgium.

What bikers know here for years is now scientifically proven. I was delighted to read that some company is collecting an studying info about traffic jams.

Statistics collected by the American agency INRIX using GPS data from 100 million vehicles in 31 different countries, puts Belgium on number one on the list of troublesome countries.
It turns out that Belgians on average lost 55 hours in traffic jams last year. The top-3 is completed by the Netherlands and Italy.

Brussels and Antwerp have the worst figures where individual cities are concerned. Only Milan is worse.
The traffic is more fluent in bigger cities like Paris (4) and London (10).

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Update Oct 2014: 41% of all cars in Belgium are company cars (OESO)

Monster Traffic Belgium


For those not yet convinced about commuting on the motorbike: check th ...

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Past Owned Bikes


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Werkplaatshandboeken TE KOOP


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