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Ashburn, VA : A pal of mine said, "There's this house out where I live. It's right up your alley." 

Now, some people might not understand having a scary rotting old hulk of a house 
the first thing that enters their mind when they think of you, but trust me, it's SPECIAL! 

Tip o' the Lens to Tim B, who suggested the location. 

The below images are from two locations, one a scary looking Addams family kinda house 
in the middle of suburban luxury townhomes. It won't be there long, I was lucky to get IN and 
shoot it as it was. VERY busy little intersection, and not discreet. 

Hmmmm... what to do what to do? Ok, well we'll just take ONE or TWO from the ROAD, and why... 

The second house and property is a nasty old farm complex. I'd often seen it heading out the Greenway 
for more obtuse destinations, but figured it would be tough to find, and looked very, uh, restrictive in terms 
of access. A "wrong turn" on the way back from the Addams family house and wham! 

There I was, the creepy farm complex dead in my sights. Maybe more than I know. If you look 
VERY carefully at one of the kitchen shots. I have no idea if it WAS or not, but sure does look like 
SOMEONE was in the kitchen playing with knives and had a bit of an accident... note the horrendous spatter all over the white cabinets. 

Both places had a distinctive, almost malevolent feel when I went in them. It seems that "feel" seems 
to have transferred in the images, as even though these are similar to the Northern Neck gallery houses, t
he "feeeeeel" of these places was much harder, meaner. 

Who knows, maybe it's me. 

Now, shall we go IN?

Ashburn, VA


A pal of mine said, "There's this house out where I live. It's right u ...

Updated: Apr 23, 2011 4:36am PST

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