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Flora and Fawn, Grand Teton NP, WY    We were hiking back from Cascade Canyon and took an alternate root bypassing inspiration point.  The trail was much less traveled and we came across a couple of fawns on the trail.  I barely had time to put my camera to my eye before this one ran off.  Luckily the shot wasn't terribly out of focus.    Daily photo: September 10, 2010
Night Time at Mono Lake
Night Time at Mono Lake
Fireweed Trail Hikers views of resplendent Tokumm Creek cascading in Marble Canyon of Kootenay National Park (CAN BC Radium Hot Springs)
Misty Morning with Fresh Snow on Mountain and Dew on our Tent in Monarch Campground within Yoho National Park (Canada BC Field)
Where is the Water???
Hiker's view of Mistaya River roaring by Waputik Mountains into Mistaya River Canyon in Banff National Park (CAN AB Saskatchewan Crossing)
Morning view towards Mount Athabasca up the Sunwapta River Valley near Beauty Creek Hostel within Jasper National Park (Canada Alberta Jasper)
Lake McDonald, Glacier NP 1991 Fujichrome slide
Dead wood on the ground at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, near Kanab, UT. A 3:2 Image.
The full frontal view of this beautiful and colorful falls. HDR from 4 exposures. A 3:2 Image.
Zion National Park. Utah, USA.  The Emerald Pools area of the Park features exquisite rock painting by Mother Nature and Father Time. During wet seasons a creek streams over these rocky cliffs to the emerald pools far below the trees in this scene.
And another moose! I think these were created with the parts left over after the committee designed the camel.

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Photo by: Karin Leperi · See photo in original gallery.