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Vernal Falls
Bad Luck  Olympic National Park, Washington State
Olympic Range, Olympic NP, WA    This is the jaw-dropping view from Hurricane Ridge, near the visitor center.  I drove up to Hurricane ridge the previous day, but the visibility was less than a half mile.  We drove up as a group the next day and again the visibility was unbelievably low, until suddenly we popped out of the clouds and had this view.  It was one of the most amazing sights of all time for me.  It was completely unexpected.
Shallow Roots, Kalaloch Beach, Olympic NP, WA    This tree's got shallow roots!  But it's hanging in there.
Badlands Storm Up-Close, Badlands NP, SD
 Grand Caynon 7 21 2009 524
 Grand Caynon 7 21 2009 527
Grand Canyon - South Rim

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