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Elk  Grand teton's in Winter
Snow face Bisen;  Yellowstone in Winter
Zion National Park. Utah, USA. Located along the edge of the Colorado Plateau in the American Southwest, Zion National Park encompasses 230 square miles (593 km).  Here, colorful Navajo sandstone canyon walls and maple trees in autumn dress compete for attention. The dark stains on these canyon walls result from a combination of minerals (primarily manganese oxides) and decomposed organic matter.
Zion National Park. Utah, USA. These towering sandstone mountains have eroded over time to provide ample mineral-rich decomposing rock and sand that provide a root-hold for a myriad of shrubs and trees including cottonwood, maple, pine and juniper, among others.   This scene is along scenic Byway 9 at the eastern edge of the Park.
Death Valley NP, California, USA, 2007
Storm over Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Sunrise, Grand Canyon, South Rim
Sunset, Grand Canyon, South Rim, AZ, USA

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