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Backpacking June 2009 : On May 30, 2009 I traveled to Dahlonega, Ga. to meet up with two friends.  We had plans to go backpacking for a week on the Appalachian Trail.  My friends were Patti, from Ohio and Nancy, from Georgia.  We headed out on Sunday, May 31.  Unfortunately, our trip only lasted until midday Monday.  I developed severe pain in both knees and had to leave the trail.  We were to meet another friend on Tuesday morning but due to the developing problem, our friend Judy extended an offer to us to go to Tennessee and spend the rest of the week at her lake home.  We jumped at the offer and headed to Tennessee.  Here are photos of the short backpacking adventure and of the time we spent with Judy at her lake home with more of our backpacking buddies whom we met in our beginners backpacking trip last year.  We had the time of our lives and I extend my heartfelt thanks to Judy, Ellen and Susan for turning lemons into lemonade!  I love you all.  If you have time, the best way to view the photos are to choose 'slideshow' and view it fullscreen.

Backpacking June 2009


On May 30, 2009 I traveled to Dahlonega, Ga. to meet up with two frien ...

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Backpacking 101 : On June 15, 2008 I traveled to Damascus, Virginia to meet a group of women to go on a 7 day Backpacking trip booked with Adventures in Good Company. The trip was an introduction to lightweight backpacking. We hiked the Appalachian Trail from Fox Creek to Va. 601. The group consisted of two guides, Jan trail name Rerun from Mi, and Leigh trail name Almanac from Ga, and an assistant guide, Catherine trail name Songbird from Mi. In addition to our guides there were 10 women: Judy from Tn, trail name Commando, Ellen from Tn, trail name Buckaroo, Susan trail name Twinkle Toes from Tn, Karen trail name Doc from Oh, Patti trail name Beacon from Oh, Nancy trail name Kool Granny from Ga, Glenda trail name Sheriff Cougar from NC, Aseeyah trail name Bad Boy from Va, Katy trail name Twigs from Mn, Victoria trail name Guardian from Va. These are photos taken from the beginning of our journey all the way to the end. We were given in depth instruction on everything we needed to know about backpacking, from how to setup a tent, the different types of tents, methods for purifying water, stoves and cooking methods, appropriate clothing for backpacking, what to take into the woods, how to pack it, what to leave behind, safety, sanitation, hydration, knots, setting up tarps, bear bagging, adjusting your pack, foot care, trail etiquette and a multitude of skills to equip you for venturing into the outdoors on your own. This was the greatest adventure I have ever been on. Total strangers  became lifetime friends. I have never laughed so much for so long. I actually got tired of laughing! From our Guides to my fellow participants it was a first class act and I wouldn't change a thing if I could do it all again. Fellow Backpackers, thanks for the memories and I love you.<br><br>
Glenda, (Sheriff Cougar)<br><br>
Photos taken with Sony Cybershot DSC-H50 15X zoom 9.1 mp

Backpacking 101


On June 15, 2008 I traveled to Damascus, Virginia to meet a group of w ...

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