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Sonoma Mountain Village (2008) : This community is being developed on a former Hewlett-Packard /Agilent Technologies industrial campus in Rohnert Park, CA, about 8 miles south of Santa Rosa and about 46 miles north of San Francisco, just east of US 101.  This approximately 200-acre site is where H-P and then Agilent Technologies once manufactured antennas and other electronic equipment.  The plant was closed in 2004 and 3,000 jobs went to another site in the Santa Rosa area and to Malaysia.  Accoding to a Santa Rosa Press-Democrat article of July 30, 2005, Sonoma County records indicate that Codding Enterprises acquired the site for $38.5 million, including approximately 700,000 square feet of  existing buildings.  Since then, Codding Enterprises has been working on reuse and redevelopment of the site and preparing plans to add approximately 1,900 residences and related commercial uses, as well as locate new enterprises in the existing industrial buildings.  This is the first community in North America to be sanctioned within the guiding framework of the Ten Principles of One Planet Communities  --

Sonoma Mountain Village (2008)


This community is being developed on a former Hewlett-Packard /Agilent ...

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Lindemann Mental Health Center, Boston- Paul Rudolph, Architect :

Lindemann Mental Health Center, Bosto...


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