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Kangaroos :


Anna Calvert

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January 6th Sunshine :

January 6th Sunshine


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City Living :

City Living


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Kynnumboon - Home of my ancestors : Kynnumboon situated near Murwillumbah, in the beautiful Tweed Valley, overlooked by Mount Warning.  My great grandfather Joshua Bray first noted the name Murwillumbah in 1863 as his recording of the Aboriginal name for the local tribe and tribal lands between the Rous and Tweed Rivers, and he built his home at Kynnumboon.  The property has stayed in the family and today is owned by one of his great-granddaughters Beverley Fairley (my cousin).
On the property is approx 1 acre of original forest, which four years ago was close to being destroyed by strangler vines washed down the adjoining Rous River in flood times.
Beverley and my sister Judith Lamos have diligently removed this vine, manually digging each bulb by the roots and other methods.  Today the forest is in great shape, thanks to these wonderful ladies who have foresight and a love for their environment.

Kynnumboon - Home of my ancestors

Lesley Bray

Kynnumboon situated near Murwillumbah, in the beautiful Tweed Valley, ...

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Vivid Sydney 2011 :

Vivid Sydney 2011


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Trilby Station :

Trilby Station


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White Cliffs :

White Cliffs


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Menindi and Broken Hill :

Menindi and Broken Hill


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