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Fiber optics.  I wonder if anyone has ever measured the refractive index of milkweed floss, or its reflectivity.  It provides endless pleasure and fascination to millions of people each autumn,  to see the light shine through it and bounce from it.
D298-2014  For a brief period each year, the ginkgo's reveal themselves in vivid color.    Forest Hills Cemetery, Ann Arbor  October 25, 2014
Wildwood.  Boardwalk #28
Bumper crop.  The high bush cranberries produced a prodigous crop of berries this year.  I like the way the circles of confusion in the background mimic the shape of the berries and almost seem to hang in the air like bunches of light.    October 10, 2009
D298-2014  The fall color in this shot comes from Japanese maple (red) and ginkgo (yellow, Chinese).    Title:  East Meets West; Red on Yellow    Forest Hills Cemetery, Ann Arbor  October 25, 2014
Misty Sunrise ~  American White Pelican
"Autumn Journey"
Canada Geese  ~ accidental motion blur, but I like it.
Commingled.    Late October.
Choosing sides.
Price Lake, Grandfather Mountain In B&W
Ginkgo wreath.    In answer to the question, no I didn't arrange the leaves.  I found them exactly as you see them, cigarette butts and all.  (I almost never groom my photo subjects, beyond removing the odd twig or blade of grass.)

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Photo by: Hanne · See photo in original gallery.