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D282-2014  Marshall, Michigan, Riverwalk  This boardwalk runs along the Kalamazoo River downstream from the dam.  It passes primarily through wooded riparian habitat, very close to the river, and in some sections actually overhanging it if the river is high enough.  I walked it on a mild, sunny, breezy perfect autumn afternoon.  Heavenly.    Taken October 9, 2014    Title:  Along the River and Through the Woods
D306-2014  Back lit foliage of an ornamental pear tree.  Forest Cove Office Campus, Miller Road, Ann Arbor November 2, 2014  Title:   Revelations - Pear tree leaves in autumn sunlight
D289-2014  Fall foliage.    Forest Hills Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Michigan  October 16, 2014
D268-2014  Oak leaf hydrangeas can turn brilliant colors in autumn    Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor  Taken September 25, 2014
D305-2014  This was a slanted surface at the east end of the Law Library, which accounts for the accumulation of leaves from oak and elm trees mixed in with the ivy leaves.    Law Quad, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  November 1, 2014 (Homecoming Day)    Title:  Ivy Leaves Bring the Campus Alive in Autumn
D272-2014  Back lit sassafras trees.  Taken September 29, 2014 Hidden Lake Gardens, Michigan
train tracks over the trestle Finger lakes
Lamprey River Fall Reflection - Durham, NH
A tunnel of trees at the end of the boardwalk path that leads from Gallup Park to Furstenberg Park.  A flaming ash tree ushers visitors back into the bright light of open spaces.    Ann Arbor, Michigan  October, 2009
Ginkgo leaves on bench series:  #4
Crab apple trees loaded with fruit can be as beautiful in the fall and winter as they are in the spring, when they're in bloom.    November 30, 2009
Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves

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