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Ending Storm
D273-2013    .  Hidden Lake Gardens, Michigan  September 30, 2013
Compton, Arkansas
Driving south off of the parkway, spectacular color awaited as we descended in elevation
October 31, 2007 Lower falls Letchworth State Park Finger lakes
Confetti Stream
Autumnal take on the theme of red, white, and blue, with a little green thrown in.    Early October.
Scum pudding.
Wildwood.  Boardwalk #19.
Wildwood.  Boardwalk #24
Sweet gum foliage.    #5. Mostly maroon.
Bending shadows...    Mary Jane Thurston SP, Grand Rapids, Ohio.    Late October, 2009
Looks are deceiving.    They look so luscious, but it they're that good, why haven't the birds eaten them all already?

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