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Tufted Titmouse
Kingbird  Willow Springs, IL
Chicago, IL
Broad-tailed Hummingbird perched, Grand Teton National Park.
Female or Juvenile Ruby Throated Hummingbird, not sure which. First time I have ever got a clear shot at one without a feeder being involved and this one was completely in the wild. I've always admired Andrea's hummer shots and now I have one of my own :) Taken at Huntley Meadows in Alexandria, VA.
Common Grackle    I pushed the exposure in post to render an almost white background and to accentuate the irridesence that was visible even in overcast.
Is that the Tricolored Heron Triplets or the 3 Stooges?
There are 26 species of Bee-eaters with 6 found in the South-East Asian area. Chestnut-headed Bee-eaters (Merops leschenaulti) are resident in Northern Peninsular Malaysia and are the iconic bird of the State of Penang in Malaysia. They are a medium-sized Bee-eater without the characteristic elongated central tail feathers. Males and females look similar although there are differences between the sexes (see below).
My favorite Chickadee photo
House Finch    Got lucky with the exposure in camera, all I had to do was crop and apply a little CS3 noise reduction trick I learned the other day on the background and he was good to go. I rarely get a good exposure without having to fiddle in Adobe Camera Raw or CS3 or both.    Commenting will be difficult still fro the next couple of days as I'll be generally away from my 'puter. But will try to catch up on Sunday.
From the 60's and tornados to below freezing and snow - love winter in Wisconsin!  Pappa this guy will be coming to see you soon, I don't think he'll want to hang out too much longer!    Kerry 11/24/2010
Snowy Owl (female) - Harfang des neiges (femelle),   Somewhere in Quebec, Canada
Hawk, Red-Tailed

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Photo by: Hawkman · See photo in original gallery.