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The downside of a single room family apartment    Mommy, why is the sky blue? When is daddy bringing dinner? Can I go out and play? HE'S TOUCHING ME!!
Return of the Osprey    Back from his vacation in South America (probably Venezula). He's hanging out by the nest site, snagging fish to eat and waiting for his lovely wife to return so they can hook up :)
I had thought the eagle pair didn't show up this year at the Sotterley Plantation, but it looks like they were just a little late. I even saw at least one chick stick it's head up out of the nest! Light was terrible and I'll have to try again this weekend. I can't visit the nest too often 'cause they get spooked too easily and will leave the chicks.
Barn Swallow   Busse Woods, IL
Osprey gets a big fish
Morongo Valley, CA
Bolsa Chica Wetlands • Huntington Beach, CA
Second year that I've been watching this nest. And the second year that Mom will safely see all three of her chicks to fledging and self sufficiency. They are trying thier wings now in preparation for first flights very soon. Dad does a good job too, bringing food and driving off other males.     These young osprey have a difficult first couple of years ahead of them. They will make a very long, solitary trip to Venezuela in a couple of months sometime by the end of September - beginning of October. And they must learn to fly strongly and hunt effciently before they go. They'll spend thier first year or two in South America, dodging bullets from irate fish farmers.    trying to catch up with commenting on everyone's dailies, be patient with me :)
This Bald Eagle photograph was captured in Homer, Alaska (3/2008).  He was positioned on a post and I angled the camera when taking the shot so as to use a red roof from an adjacent building for the background.  So although the shot looks like the background was Photoshopped, in it was not, it is real.     This photograph is protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws and shall not to be downloaded or reproduced by any means without the formal written permission of Ken Conger Photography.

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Photo by: Harry · See photo in original gallery.