Birds - Most Popular All-Time
Masked Trogon Tandayapa Lodge, Ecuador
Green Heron in B/W    Didn't know the heron was there until a red-winged blackbird ratted him out. I was shooting almost directly into the sun and had to go B/W in post because all color was trashed badly. Added in some liberal use of the dodge tool.
I believe this is a Female Robin -  Spotted in Barr Lake Region of Colorado.
Yes, I'm cute!
Snowy Owl - Harfang des neiges,   Somewhere in Quebec, Canada
California Thrasher  Photo captured in the Hollywood Hills, California.
American  Coot  Lake Michigan, IL
Free lunch....    Be blessed!
Morongo Valley, CA
Took the D300 for the first few images to the Jurong BirdPark in Singapore.  Jurong BirdPark is the largest in the Asia Pacific and the best in the world. Spread over 20 hectare it has a collection of more than 9,000 birds from 600 species  The Park has four aviaries including the world’s largest walk-in aviary.
Great Blue Heron.  Ridgefield NWR, WA

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Photo by: Hawkman · See photo in original gallery.