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Des Plaines River, IL
This is a photograph of a Great Blue Heron taken at Everglades National Park (3/05).
Eastern Bluebird    Yep, osprey are slowly arriving. I saw 4 today but not where I could get a good pic. Not even of the V-22 Osprey that flew by just before I snuck up on this bird :)
Does anyone else feel this needs some Barry White music for ambience?
Bluebird on nest box ... now if I can just get one or two to frequent my outdoor 'bird studio' :)
Perhaps if I ignore him, he will go away?  Not sure what kind of hawk this is.  I only had a couple seconds before he rudely flew away without properly posing!  ;-)    Best seen XLarge!    Have a blessed day.
February 1, Went to photograph eagles yesterday but there was only one. Because of the recent warm weather they have already dispersed up and down the river. That is why I was able to catch yesterday's shot of one over the city. I was inspired by Donna's comments yesterday to pull out a shot I did several weeks ago and rework it. This is a composite done in PP but all that was necessary was to eliminate some of the distance between foreground flag and the eagle. The flag is in fact at the top of the cliff side viewing area.
These photos of the Burrowing Owl were taken at the Intersection of Hypoluxo Road and Hagen Ranch Road in Lake Worth - These photos were taken after sunrise
• Dan's Click Pond  • Tricolored Heron
Chestnut-sided Warbler (male) - Paruline à flancs marron (mâle),  Marais du Nord du Lac St-Charles, Quebec, Canada

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Photo by: Hawkman · See photo in original gallery.