Birds - Most Popular All-Time
Western Tanager at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. Every spring around April/May about twenty of these guys show up (females first usually) and hang out for about a month, mostly on the western slope.
Male Red bellied woodpecker
This one don't sing ... so where's my diamond ring?
Slightly Startled Swan    He was just a bit too close, this was the only frame where I didn't chop any body parts off :) I was too busy trying to keep him in focus!
Appetizer ~  California Brown Pelican
Singing for my supper....  Kerry 6/1/12
Allen's Hummingbird   Photo captured in Huntington Beach, California.
Great egrets in morning light at the High Island rookery
Red-tailed Hawk  Orland Park, IL
Barn Swallow  Des Plaines River, IL

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Photo by: Kimberly Morgan · See photo in original gallery.