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Your basic working bird, toting his lunch pail.
American Goldfinch - male.    Have a blessed day!
Western Meadowlark
Bald Eagle  Fox River, IL
Common Grackle    I see this odd color pattern every once in a while. Looks kinda cool.     Finally, a big coastal snowstorm is brewing up and we are supposed to get a foot of snow by afternoon tomorrow. Yippee! Oh wait, I have to shovel the loooooooong driveway :(
Canada Goose / Bernache du Canada,   Ingle Side, Ontario, Canada
Saturday finally arrived - I feel like I'm behind in everything so I 'll probably spend the day getting my ducks, er umm uh, my geese in a row!    Kerry 1/15/2011
20110803-IMG_7055 Terns in flight with food returning to the nesting colony at South Bay Salt Works, on the San Diego Bay.
Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana) was photographed near Ninepipe Wildlife Refuge, Montana. #93051266  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Huntington Beach, CA
Packing some serious heat in his back pocket. Really wished I had the 100-400 lens on at the time, although I might have had to back off a bit to get into minimum focusing range.

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Photo by: kenn3d · See photo in original gallery.