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These are much easier to shoot when they land and rest.  ;-)    It's interesting... they have to turn just right in order to see the ruby throat.  There are three other shots in gallery!    Have a wonderful day.  I'm off for a day in nature!    Be blessed!
A profile shot!  This Blue Jay just wouldn't cooperate and pose.  I managed to get only a couple shots.  There is a second in gallery, taken in deep shade.  Without photoshop and the ability to lighten shadows, it would have been useless.  Isn't technology wonderful?  ;-)    Have a blessed day!    Best viewed XLarge.
Morongo Valley, CA
Great Gray Owl
Red-breasted Merganser Lake Michigan, IL ( taken in winter )
Sparkling Violetear
Northern Harrier Hawk circles over its prey. Captured in Lost Trail NWR, Montana. #99051266  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Still going through some of my Osprey images and found this one to my liking. This Juvenile Osprey was sitting just above the nest stretching and flexing its wings. Canon 5D w/ 600mm

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Photo by: Ken · See photo in original gallery.