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cranes, Hula-valley, Israel
Lake Michigan, IL
Smooth and soft texture with many feathers obviously linear and lying stacked on one another. Ok, that might be a stretch for comparing it to the bricks and bushes photo, but I love this photo so I had to include it! I took this in the nearby mountains at a restaurant's hummingbird feeder.
American Avocet
Male House Finch    Pics have been hard to come by since last weekend. Poor light (overcast and rainy) and too busy at work to even take 15 minutes and swing by a few places at lunch. The only good news is that I put up bluebird houses in the yard this year and I've already had a few couples come by house hunting. Maybe I'll get a sale soon! :) And a hairy woodpecker has been hanging around but won't come to the 'bird studio' area yet.
Double-crested Cormorant catching a rainbow trout
Pileated Woodpecker (male) / Grand pic (mâle)  Dryocopus pileatus  Stony Swamp Conservation Area (Jack Pine Trail), Nepean, Ontario  21 February 2008    This handsome bird was kind enough to pose for me, taking a brief moment from burrowing for tasty morsels for this portrait.
Wilson's Snipe / Bécassine de Wilson  Gallinago delicata  Earl Armstrong Road, Gloucester, Ontario  11 May 2008    Wilson's snipes have an interesting courtship display, where the male flies in circles through the sky, making a "winnowing" sound periodically.  The winnowing is caused by air passing over the tail feathers in flight, and sounds very similar to the 1950s sound effect for UFOs, such as in The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Captured in Juanita Bay, Kirkland. #93051111  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
......and they can toss their prey in synchrony.
Tufted Puffin Fratercula cirrhata
A Western Tanager on the west slope at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
Brown Thrasher    I'll eventually get around to commenting again ... sick cat, work, laziness, birds to photograph, laziness, and did I mention laziness?
Time to Go Fishing

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