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Carolina Chickadee
Well, it let me take a better shot today. But it wasn't waiting around! It only gave me a few secondds to snap a few quick shots ... lucky one wasn't motion blurred :)
Huntington Beach, CA
Black tailed Godwit-Iceland
Crested Caracara - Caracara du nord,  Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, Florida, USA
Male Towhee
Hooded Merganser
Eastern Kingbird  Orland Park, IL
Another from my files....will try to comment some today - one handed typing is slow though!    Kerry 1/29/2011
Osprey.  Ridgefield NWR, WA
Great Gray Owl
Oriental-dwarf Kingfisher @ Panti Malaysia

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Photo by: MichaelSullivan · See photo in original gallery.