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Fargo is in the midst of high winds and blowing snow.  However, the blizzard isn't in my apartment and definitely not in my mind.  LOL!    The winter protest continues...    Be blessed.
Kestral. Ridgefield NWR, WA
Boreal Chickadee - Mésange à tête brune,   Foret Montmorency, Quebec, Canada
Tree Swallow - Hirondelle bicolore,   Alfred, Ontario, Canada
Flight of the Green Heron, San Diego Creek channel just outside of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine, CA, June 9 2007.
This male Green-winged Teal has been at San Pedro's Averill Park for over a year now, seemingly content to hang-out with the Mallards and feral Geese. This photo was taken in late February 2012.
Barred Owl / Chouette rayée  Strix varia  Owl Woods, Amherst Island, Ontario  1 November 2008    Barred owls are not uncommon in the Ottawa area, though they can be very difficult to find sometimes.  During the winter of '07/'08, a barred owl took up residence on a stretch of rural road near a Canadian Forces firing range, much to the delight of area birders and photographers.  Try as I might, however, I was unsuccessful at locating that particular owl, even though I was told that "I couldn't miss it."    So when I came across this barred owl, a lifer for me (#229), I was thrilled to finally meet my highly sought-after quarry face to face.
Close up of brown Pelican off the coast of La Jolla, CA #94120887  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
barred owl - adult
Rainbow Lorikeets

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