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Hooded Merganser Lake Michigan, IL
Cliff Swallow  Busse Lake, Elk Grove Village, IL
American Crow / Corneille d'Amérique  Corvus brachyrhynchos  Earl Armstrong Road, Ottawa, Ontario  23 April 2008    I think this is the quintessential crow shot: the perch, the barbed wire fence, the golden all comes together so perfectly.  I took this just after sunrise, and was quite surprised that the crow didn't take off as soon as I was within a close distance, especially since I was in my car at the time.  Moments after I shot this, though, it did take off to forage in the fields nearby.
 Sparrow_Black-throated TAB10MK4-29662
Molting Time Again
This photograph of a landing Bald Eagle was captured in Valdez, Alaska (7/09).    This photograph is protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws and shall not to be downloaded or reproduced by any means without the formal written permission of Ken Conger Photography.
Bolsa Chica Wetlands • Huntington Beach, CA
Anna's Hummingbird in the Cherry Blossoms
Male Cardinal
Snowy Egret backlit at Mrazek Pond
Juvenile Bald Eagle.  Tried to maneuver for a better shot and it flew away.  So this was as good as it got....gray skies and all.    Isn't there a new government law that requires animals to pose?  ;-)    Have a blessed day!

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Photo by: Henrik Nilsson · See photo in original gallery.