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Black and White :

Black and White


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Black & White :

Black & White

Jeff Fox

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Just Black and White : Harder than color photography, I'm learning

Just Black and White

David Powdrell

Harder than color photography, I'm learning

Updated: Oct 29, 2014 2:29pm PST

Black + White :

Black + White


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Some Things... :

Some Things...


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Alex Feldstein Photography

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My Black & White Gallery : First off, I'll mention here that I never really used B&W film until I had a need for it. I had always enjoyed color, even while doing concert pictures where some high speed film was really needed. It wasn't until I started working at Clarke School in Northampton Massachusetts during the early 90's and contributed images to the Development Office publications and to the school yearbook, that I had a need to shoot B&W. Luckily, Northampton had a great photo lab at the time...had to do a bit of back tracking as they're gone now, but I found the name...Primary Color on Hawley Street...I got to know a few people there and it was always a good place to stop and hangout and talk photography. I could shoot an event at the school and get negs and contact sheets that day or the next...which is a nice, economical way to get results. At that point I used T-Max 400...can't remember if I pushed any or not...and it usually worked well when I was at events in the gym and not using a flash...don't want to be firing a flash during basketball events. So that was my only foray into shades of grey, those 3 or so years. Until I started playing with digital...and now we have a whole new world of B&W. My workflow starts with RAW processing and jpeg rendering in PhotoNinja and then over to PaintShop 5 for final tweaking and sharpening. My version has NIK ColorEFX 3 bundled in, something you won’t find in newer versions as Google bought NIK and won’t allow this. They want to peddle the whole suite as one piece. But at any rate, ColorEFX 3 has an excellent B&W conversion tool...not quite SilverEFX but still pretty good. And PaintShop also has a good conversion tool in the Film Effects tab. There’s a very dynamic contrast control available that does some great stuff. You can achieve a look that would be difficult...or almost impossible...with ColorEFX. So each one has some good points and if I can’t get what I want with one, I’ll try the other. I go for straight up conversion...not into adding grain or film emulation. That’s just not my style.

My Black & White Gallery


First off, I'll mention here that I never really used B&W film until I ...

Updated: Oct 21, 2014 5:17am PST

Just Black and White :

Just Black and White


Updated: Oct 20, 2014 8:07pm PST

Scott & Kim and Dallas & Jenn : Scott & Kim and Dallas & Jenn, Las Vegas wedding weekend. Congratulations to Scott & Kim on 25 years of wedded bliss, and a lovely renewal ceremony. Cheers to Dallas & Jenn on the occasion of their wedding!

Scott & Kim and Dallas & Jenn


Scott & Kim and Dallas & Jenn, Las Vegas wedding weekend. Congratulati ...

Updated: Oct 20, 2014 12:56pm PST

Miscellaneous : Monochrome miscellaneous



Monochrome miscellaneous

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