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Just Black and White :

Just Black and White


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Alex Feldstein Photography

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Black and White – Featured Gallery

Jim Burke

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Black and White Study :

Black and White Study


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My Black & White Gallery : I've just really had to rewrite this piece. I got a bit of a surprise lately after going back into Nik Color Efex Pro 3, which comes bundled in with PaintShop, and giving the B&W Conversion there another try. I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss it before. I'm still not pleased with the Topaz don't quite have the control that I found with Nik's stuff. I got a bit hung up on the conversion that's native to PaintShop, but that method needs to give better feedback about what's going on with the image. I still like it, but after discovering the histogram on the Nikware, I realized how nice to be able to get a reference as to what was going on with the levels as you made adjustments. Now I also realize that Color Efex is miles away from Silver Efex...and that I should look at that one, but now that Google has their finger in that pie, you can't purchase pieces of the suite...You have to go for the whole enchilada. So I would be laying down 150 bucks to use it, but not much else from the suite...which kinda sucks. I wish Google hadn't gotten involved. I don't even want to give the free trial a whirl as I might really like it and then be in a real pickle. UPDATE...I gave the free trial a shot and found the main tools that I liked were already in Color Efex 3.0. I also found that some images are more suited to the PSP conversion and some to Color Efex. So I'll work with what I have, now that I've tried some of the better alternatives. So now with that part out of the way, I'll mention that I never really used B&W film until I had a need for it. I had always enjoyed color, even while doing concert pictures where some high speed film was really needed. It wasn't until I started working at Clarke School in Northampton Massachusetts during the early 90's and contributed images to the Development Office publications and to the school yearbook, that I had a need to shoot B&W. Luckily, Northampton had a great photo lab at the time...had to do a bit of back tracking,as they're gone now, but I found the name..Primary Color on Hawley St...I got to know a few people there and it was always a good place to stop and hangout and talk photography. I could shoot an event at the school and get contact sheets that day or the next...which is a nice, economical way to get results. At that point I used T-Max 400...can't remember if I pushed any or not...and it usually worked well when I was at events in the gym and not using a flash...don't want to be firing a flash during basketball events. So that was my only foray into shades of grey, those 3 or so years. Until I started playing with digital...and now we have a whole new world of B&W.

My Black & White Gallery


I've just really had to rewrite this piece. I got a bit of a surprise ...

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Architecture : Monochrome architecture



Monochrome architecture

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Landscapes : Monochrome landscapes



Monochrome landscapes

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Black and White : This is a dynamic / smart gallery, containing photos from one of my other galleries in black and white.

Black and White

Guillaume Raisonnable

This is a dynamic / smart gallery, containing photos from one of my ot ...

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Monochrome : © 2013 Krystian P.



© 2013 Krystian P.

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Kleber Steinbach

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