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9.27.2013 Michael Murphy and the Mob :

9.27.2013 Michael Murphy and the Mob

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2013 New River Blues Festival - Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 : Join us Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 1. Come dance in a mountain meadow, wade in the sparkling river and enjoy a roster of the legends, luminaries & lifeblood of blues. Great food and drink in scenic beauty. Less than 2hrs from Charlotte, Greensboro, Johnson City, Roanoke. ~~~We keep our ticket price low to make sure no one misses out.. GET TIX NOW IN ADVANCE & SAVE EVEN MORE. ADVANCE TICKETS SALE ENDS FRIDAY MIDNIGHT!
Roster, all info at this link

"..rough and ready, soft and sweet, lusty and loving, spiritual and profane -- everything that good blues and probably the good life should be.." 
~  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

THE KING BEES ~ Celebrating their 26th year of stingin' and swingin',THE KING BEES have traveled over this country and many others with their rootsy, rollicking sound. The King Bees are: Hound Dog Baskerville, Queen Bee Zamagni and Mighty Martin Henderson. Hound Dog (Rob Baskerville) has been named the BLUE RIDGE NATIONAL HERITAGE ARTIST in honor of his many musical accomplishments and numerous cultural contributions. The King Bees have performed on European festival stages, in Mississippi juke joints and several times at the prestigious Lincoln Center. They have several internationally acclaimed,award-winning Cds. In the mid-80's The King Bees decided to quit learning blues just from records. They traveled to the deep-South to be mentored by blues masters whom they had always revered. This led to profound friendships and musical collaborations that thrive to this day. They produce NEW RIVER BLUES FESTIVAL as an homage to the luminaries, legends and lifeblood of blues who created this most wonderful of American music and who generously share their gifts.      The King Bees will be joined by friends Big Mike Kincaid (sax maestro deluxe), and a few surprises!

BIG RON HUNTER has traveled the world as part of the Music Maker Foundation family. Big Ron has acquired the nick-name the World's Happiest Bluesman, inspired by his sunny performing style, wonderful sense of humor, and song writing that always uncovers the silver lining. Belying his positive attitude, his background was rough hewn and arduous. The son of a share cropper, Ron grew up near Winston-Salem in a cabin without electricity. But there was love and Ron was encouraged from an early age to develop his prodigious musical talent. As a youngster Ron garnered the attention of the legendary Guitar Gabriel who mentored the eager musician to develop his own voice and approach. Ron is equally talented on electric and acoustic guitars, possesses a one-of-a-kind voice full of passion, honesty and optimism and wins hearts the world over. 

DOCTOR DIXON, Bh.d -Filling Your Prescriptions For The Blues! Born in Atlanta to a blues loving family, Larry Dixon was immersed in this great music from an early age. The sounds he created and stories he told with his harmonica boded that he would a become a stellar performer and that his music would take him far. And far it took him, from the South to the gritty, rambunctious city of Chicago where blues was king and legends could be seen any night of the week. The young Dixon drank in the powerful elixir of the city's magnificent music and monumental personalities. Dixon soon found his mentors in names that ring today from the Pantheon of Blues: Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Big Walter Horton-- the list goes on and on.. Before long he was performing with these towering musicians. One night in 1976 after Doctor Dixon finished his show at the legendary Kingston Mines, he was appraoched by Billy Boy Arnold, harmonica giant, who shook his head in wonder and said, "It's great to see a young cat blowing like both Little and Big Walters!" for Dixon embodies the spirit of these patriarchs. The Blues Doctor's exuberant performance and blues harp virtuosity will take you on a journey through the immortal sounds and give you that healin' feelin'! — with Dr. Dixon Bh.D "The Blues Physician" and Larry Scott Dixon Sr.

IRONING BOARD SAM has been described as "a slightly mellower Little Richard crossed with a slightly saner Screaming Jay Hawkins and a slightly less churchy Ray Charles". His 55 year career has not diminished his ability to take a stage by storm. An organ and piano player of incendiary talent, he garnered his moniker by setting up his keyboards on--yup, that device used to press clothes. With a career that took him to the major music cities of Memphis. L.A. and Nashville, Sam made his foray into New Orleans in the 1970's. It was in the Big Easy that he made his home and was dubbed “The Eighth Wonder of the World” -- and his performances confirmed this accolade. At Jazz Fest 1979 he did his entire show underwater in a 1500-gallon aquarium! With extraordinary keyboard prowess and a voice drenched in Southern soul, Ironing Board Sam sets the standard for a rollicking great time.

GAYE ADEGBALOLA was a founding member of that seminal, internationally-acclaimed group, "Saffire- The Uppity Blues Women". With Saffire Gaye traveled the globe and put blues on a plane it had never yet achieved-- expressive music full of wit, wisdom and a decidedly free-wheeling woman's point of view. When Saffire disbanded after 25 years in 2009, Ms. Adegbalola spread her wings to maintain the blues legacy by delivering messages of empowerment, ministering to the heartbroken, and finding joy in the mundane. Gaye's illustrious background as an educator (she was named 1982 Virginia State Teacher of the Year) has given her a mighty ability to reach people and open hearts and minds through music. The recipient of the prestigious Blues Music Award, Gaye enlivens the stage with her warm, dynamic voice and energetic guitar and harmonica playing.

2013 New River Blues Festival - Sunda...

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Join us Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 1. Come dance in a mountain meadow, wa ...

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2012 New River Blues Festival : 2012 New River Blues Festival in the meadow below River House Inn, Grassy Creek, NC - along the banks of the New River.
Lineup for this year:
Patriarch of Piedmont Blues - John Dee Holeman
Blues guitarist/singer - Ron Hunter
Blues Hall of Fame Master - Chick Willis
Koko Taylor Award Winner (just back from Switzerland) - Empress Sandra Hall
Muddy Waters Band veteran - Mac Arnold
Hosted and backed by International Blues Stingers - The King Bees!!


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2012 New River Blues Festival

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2012 New River Blues Festival in the meadow below River House Inn, Gra ...

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Ten Years After :

Ten Years After


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Blues Fest international Windsor 2013 :

Blues Fest international Windsor 2013


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BluesTime : BluesTime @ Beauport en Blues 2013 - Photo taken for


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BluesTime @ Beauport en Blues 2013 - Photo taken for

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Nora Jean : Nora Jean @ Beauport en Blues 2013 - Photo taken for

Nora Jean

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Nora Jean @ Beauport en Blues 2013 - Photo taken for

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Colin White : Colin White @ Beauport en Blues 2013 - Photo taken for

Colin White

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Colin White @ Beauport en Blues 2013 - Photo taken for Fiesta-Quebec.c ...

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SRV Tribute : SRV Tribute @ Beauport en blues. Photos taken for

SRV Tribute

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SRV Tribute @ Beauport en blues. Photos taken for

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Brian Tyler and the Bluestorm : Brian Tyler and the Bluestorm @ Beauport en blues.  Photos taken for

Brian Tyler and the Bluestorm

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Brian Tyler and the Bluestorm @ Beauport en blues. Photos taken for f ...

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