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St. Andrews 50th Reunion :

St. Andrews 50th Reunion

George Wing

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Aircrafts :


Alexander Gomez

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Magic Moments Christmas Party 2011 : Who's the best boss? Nancy by far! I hope I am forever included in all employee parties from now on.  I love you all for being a part of Nancy's team.  Take good care of her.  She's the best friend anyone can ever ask for. I Love you all and I love you Nancy! Thank you for thirty years of friendship! I had such a great time. Cheers to 2012 being the best year ever for all of us! 
Feel free to right click and copy the images you want courtesy of Nancy.  If you want any prints or photo merchandise, you can order them here at my cost by clicking on the buy button over the enlarged image you want.  So Merry Christmas!
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Btw, we pay a $50 referral visa gift card to any referrals that result in a booked wedding with us and $25 visa gift card for any referrals that result in a booked photo shoot such as boudoir, couples, engagement, baby and family etc...  so if you do refer someone, remember to tell them to let me know that you sent them.  :)
Enjoy these adorable images! Merry Christmas! Sherri

Magic Moments Christmas Party 2011

Sherri Lester

Who's the best boss? Nancy by far! I hope I am forever included in all ...

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Arizona Desert :

Arizona Desert


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Mammals :



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MG TC restoration . : MG TC 

Chassis number: 7346

This car has been sold regrettably. The new owner lives near Brisbane and is a member of the Gold Coast MGCC. Happy motoring Mike.

Engine number:  8142

Built  Thursday 9th  December 1948. 34th car built that day out of a run of 37 units.

Landed Sydney on SS. Northumberland 4th March 1949

Sold via Barclay Motors to

Mr. George Williamson
Musgrave Street
MOSMAN  NSW Australia

on 24th March 1949.

10 cars were shipped in this consignment, they were:

Chassis number	Engine number	Body colour	Upholstery/Grille	Registration
     7315		                                Shires Green	 Green	
     7320		                                Shires Green	 Green	
     7326		                                Black	         Red	
     7330		                                Black	         Red	
     7344	   7422	                        Regency Red	 Beige	Sold to USA according to this list: This is confirmed on TABC forever provenance list and the owner is Jim Shade.
     7346	   8142	                        Clipper Blue	Beige	
     7347		                                Clipper Blue	Beige	ZX 161
     7348		                                Clipper Blue	Beige	
     7349		                                Clipper Blue	Beige	
     7350		                                Clipper Blue	Beige	

Information with thanks via Jeff Newey, MG CC Newcastle  Waratah.

Contained in a hand-written book by Mrs. Ward, wife of Ron Ward, MG importer.

20 years under "restoration" with several owners, finally making some progress. In fifteen months I have:

Rebuilt the engine, rear axle, front axle, stripped the chassis and commissioned the fitting of a new nearside main channel. I have built the body tub and frame to the point shown here.

The engine was built with new pistons to suit, with balanced rotating and reciprocating components.
 The head has TF valves with suitable porting and matching of manifolds. A pair of new 1 1/4" SUs has been sourced from Midel.

A pair of new half shafts were fitted with new hubs and modern lip seals along with sealed bearings.
 A 4.55:1 BMC A type diff has been modified to fit the TC banjo housing.

The front axle has been checked for alignment and fitted with new king pins and bushes.
 The stub axles, prone to cracking, have been replaced by David Mawer Engineering.

Target for a potentially drivable chassis was August 2008. This was achieved on 2nd August 2008
 with a successful engine start and trial run on the trolley through the gears. Eureka!

Scheduled for lowering to the floor tomorrow after another engine run up tonight.

The run up was OK and the car was lowered to the garage floor on Saturday. 
Standing on four 19" wheels for the first time in over 25 years.

Today (20.8.08) the "tub" was mounted to the frame for a test fit prior to removal for painting. The tub, bulkhead, toe board and various brackets were delivered to Gosford today for final finishing and painting.

The rolling chassis was exhibited at the All-British Car Day at The Kings School in August 2008 
and then at the MG Car Club (NSW) annual Concours d'Elegance in November 2008. The first place award in the ZZ category was given.

With the bodywork well advanced, all things being equal, the car could be ready for assembly of the tub
 onto the frame by the end of 2008. Originally made with Clipper Blue paint and beige upholstery, TC 7346 

Mid May 2009 and the tub is still at Gosford but now close to having the finish coats of paint applied. 
The latest forecast for completion of the painted tub is the end of July 2009. This is now definitely planned for the week 20-24th July.

Much reference to Mike Sherrell's tome: "TCs Forever."

The body is in Gosford being prepared for painting. When this is done it will be fitted to the chassis and trimmed.
 The instrument panel is complete and will be installed. With the firewall fitted with the main tub, then the fuel pump and lines,
 coil, oil pressure line, accelerator linkage, steering column support, toe board and floor boards will go in.

The side-screen frames and hood bows have been powder-coated in a subtle beige colour and the fabric covers with 
transparencies were sourced through E-Bay at a good price. The hood and 1/2 tonneau are on order from Moss Motors
 along with the fitting kit for the screens plus new fuel tank side panels. Both have since arrived. The fuel tank sides fitted well.

A kit of TC side screen trims was supplied by Doug Pelton's "Fromtheframeup" organization in the USA. These have been cut to 
size and mitred using a metal-cutting blade on a table saw. The fitting of the canvas and transparencies to the frames will be 
done when the hood and screens have been offered to the completed body.

Sunday, July 26 2009. The body has been painted in 2-pack "baked enamel" and looks fantastic thanks to Ron who worked
 night and day to complete this part of the job. Next weekend sees the final fitting of the tub to the frame and assembly of the interior components.

Assembly of the components into the body tub has progressed well. All electrical items are connected and tested OK. The dash is complete and the engine fired easily 13.8.09.

I drove the car for a short distance up the street last night (26th August 2009) to load her up to drive to The Kings School All British Car Club's 
display day today. I took the opportunity to have another shake-down run on the oval before anyone else arrived. Gaye and I drove around the display at the end.

Further progress. The springs have been re-fitted and the car now sits perfectly level. The screen has been replaced with new glass 
with the lower frame bent to the correct shape.  A new master cylinder has been fitted as the original did not have the correct holes in the cylinder.
The hood bows are presently being set up ready for Garry to attach the Moss Stayfast covering.

The beading for the upholstery did not sit against the body correctly in several places. To cure this I removed the nails which attached 
some of the metal panels and attached them through the beading where they cannot be seen. Much better now.
The seat back has been re-shaped to fit over the transmission tunnel and it now sits lower in the car.

September 18 and the final stages of preparation and assembly are approaching. The guards are with Ron at Gosford and,
along with the front valence and running boards should be finished shortly. Ron advises that the radiator shell is in Albury for plating. 
The engine hood (bonnet) is yet to be checked for fit and this will be done when the car goes to Gosford for the hand burnishing of the
 paint now that it has cured. Today I scored a complete set of engine hood (bonnet) panels in far better condition than mine. This set will
 be much easier to refinish and the old set will be sold on EBay.

The car is with Garry having the soft top fitted and some re-working of the seat back to give a little more room for the occupants.

On Saturday, 7th November  2009 Ron and I trimmed the new bonnet and sides to it the body. The panels are now being prepared for painting.
 Ron is working on the rear guards and these, along with the front valence and running boards will be the next items to be painted. 
This will leave the front guards and bonnet as the final parts for paint. Sometime in January looks possible for a completion date.

The car will be entered in the Concours d'Elegance of the MG Car Club (Newcastle) on Sunday 29th November 2009. As there were
insufficient entries in the "Under restoration" category the car was placed amongst the completed cars for assessment. Naturally, being in an unfinished state, 
she was placed 4th behind two delightful TCs and an equally spirited MGY saloon. Much information was given on points of originality and steps have been taken to correct these.

The majority of the external panels have been "trial fitted" in primer... just waiting now for the nearside front guard and running board to be painted in primer. (3.4.10). 
 When this is done the panels will be removed for final painting, assembly and registration. Is it too much to expect that the end of April will see the project on the road? 
Yes, the end of April has passed but there has been good progress. With all the panels fitted in primer we went to a weigh bridge and then on to an engineer for the
 "blue slip" technical inspection. The TC could actually be registered but that is pointless at the moment until the parts come back from the painters. Is June too early to
 predict that we will see the completion of this project?

A supercharger kit has been obtained. This is based on the modern Roots-type blower as fitted to Toyota MR2s. A 2" HD8 SU carburettor will supply the mixture.

The final body parts are set to be painted this week and will be assembled onto the car during the first week of August 2010. Yes! I fitted the nearside rear guard, 
both running boards and put the nearside front guard loosely in position today (4th August). Saturday should see the remaining panels fitted so I can bring the car 
home to complete final assembly. Looking great.

Friday 13th August 2010 we went for our first formal drive around the streets of Kingsdene today. All well.

Saturday 14th Gaye and I drove to Dom and Jane's place at Kenthurst. Again, all went very well. The TC rides acceptably well except for the harsher bumps. 
Performance is very reasonable and the engine is mechanically quiet with a pleasing exhaust burble. It is easy to see why new cars are driven so quickly
 as the MG lopes along  at the posted speed limits with no real desire to go any faster.  Even with the Datsun steering box the directional control is vague. 
The brake are heavy and adequate. The gearbox works slickly on the changes from second to third and fourth. First gear has the usual gear noise consistent
 with a non-constant mesh  gear set.  My skills at double de-clutching back to first and from first to second are being honed. Heel and toe downshifting is easy
 but the roller accelerator pedal will need the organ-type flap to be added to ease foot comfort. The lack of a place to rest the left foot anywhere but on the clutch pedal is irritating. 

Overall I am delighted with the outcome. Some fine tuning to paint and some rattles will be easily fixed. I collected the wheels from Ron today after he sprayed them with the same shade of metallic silver in which they were obtained. He used silver base coat and two coats of 2-pack clear. The effect is stunning.

10.10.10. The car was displayed at the 1st Sydney Concours d'Elegance at the former St.Patrick's College at Manly.

28.11.10. MG CC (Newcastle) Concours d'Elegance. Second place.

30.12.10: Now that the silly season of Concours judging and display has concluded (I believe I am "over" that affliction)  I have installed a Toyota SC12 supercharger with a kit supplied by Gill Taylor in Victoria. A 2" SU HD8 administers the mixtureto yield 10 psi boost. Some aggravation with needles has been experienced but I am well on the way to sorting this issue with help from David Ogg of the "Renegades" group in Victoria who runs a blown TC. Thanks David. A pleasant run to Parramatta Park this evening to take some photos in the warm light was quite enjoyable despite fouling a plug due to the mixture being too rich. I have now changed from a UVK needle to a UVH and suspect I will end up with a UVF or even leaner. As it turned out a modifield UF needle did the trick. A dyno run will define the correct needle and distributor advance curve.. For the 2011 MG Nationals the car will be entered as a "Pre-MGA Special". Thus it should present well in the Concours section as well as being competitive in the Motorkhana and Hillclimb at Ringwood. I have held the outright record on this 500 metre course and won several rounds of the NSW State Hillclimb Championship in the supercharged Mawer single-seater so, hopefully, I will not have forgotten which way to go.

26.4.11. The 2011 Nationals went reasonbly well. We took second place in the Concours d'Elegance behind a beautifully-restored MGTD entered by Chris Murray from the Gold Coast chapter. In the Hillclimb I had fun competing against the family team of Mike and Kay Herlihy in their TC to take second behind Mike. In the Motorkhana, Mike and I were both floored by Kay's precise driving to take second and third placings respectively. Much fun and hillarity. Mike is the President of the MG CC Victoria. I won the "Computer enhanced" division of the photographic competition but the 3801 Rocker Racer project did not progress further than the first heat. I had the honour to be one of the judges of the TC  class in the Concours in the esteemed company of Leon Norsworthy from Victoria and Paul Plummer the Overseas Director of The MG Car Club UK. I took Paul for a drive in the TC around Newcastle to show him the King Edward Park Hillclimb venue.

June 2011. The supercharger has been removed and the kit was sold to a chap in WA. While the loss of performance is noticeable but the TC still pulls very well and far better than a standard engined-car up the steepest hills.

A blue 2002 MGF Trophy 160 has been bought to replace the Falcon Station Wagon and is bto be used a s a daily driver. It now bears the HN 681 plates while the TC is on Historic registration.

MG TC restoration .


MG TC Chassis number: 7346 This car has been sold regrettably. The ...

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Arizona - Sedona 2011 : Sunset from Airport Drive, 6/12/11

Arizona - Sedona 2011

Patrick Brady

Sunset from Airport Drive, 6/12/11

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Arizona - Green Valley : June, 2011

Arizona - Green Valley

Patrick Brady

June, 2011

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Styx Live : Naperville Ribfest - 7/2/2011

Styx Live

Patrick Brady

Naperville Ribfest - 7/2/2011

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REO Live : Naperville Rib Fest - 7/1/2011

REO Live

Patrick Brady

Naperville Rib Fest - 7/1/2011

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