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Here's one image from the Mercer Cemetery gallery.  Gallery #1 from the rural cemetery series.
Playing with HDR on this cover shot for gallery #4 in my Rural Cemeteries of SW Ohio series.  I was finished for the morning as I walked to my car and turned around for some reason to get one wide-view look at the cemetery before packing it in.  As I did, I saw this beautiful backlight illumination of the leaves of this tree marking the entrance to the Caesar Creek Cemetery in Warren County, Ohio.  Check out the link to the full gallery and the other galleries in the series.
Hope Abbey fell into a desperate state of disrepair over the years.  However, when ownership passed to the non-profit Eugene Masonic Cemetery Association, a program of restoration was undertaken.  Although restoration is ongoing, the Abbey is once again a beautiful place.
Eugene Masonic Cemetery, April 25, 2009.  A stone peeks out from the surrounding bushes.
Eugene Masonic Cemetery, April 25, 2009.  Hellebore.
The grave of Hulings Miller, father of Joaquin.

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Photo by: FlorieGray · See photo in original gallery.