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This appears to made from the chalky limestone, Greenhorn formation, known as fencepost limestone of the region. Holy Cross Cemetery, Pfeifer, KS
Mountain view cemetery
The tall Crammer monument is an example of zinc or white bronze.  A small angel kneels in the alcove representing rebirth; resurrection; wisdom; mercy; divine love and afterlife in heaven.  Stringtown Cemetery, Adams Co. Iowa  For more information on white bronze you might check www.zincmarkers.com
The Bowman stone is the familiar tree trunk, shorter in this case, ivy surrounding the trunk, and a broken branch with a dove perched on it. The girl was only 15 years old.    A tree trunk represents brevity of life, the dove for love, purity, peace, resurrection and the Holy Spirit.  Cemetery NW of Savannah, Missouri Nov. 3, 2001
The DeLoss stone has an angel playing the harp.  Angels represent rebirth, resurrecton, protection, wisdom, mercy and afterlife in heaven.  The harp symbolizes hope, harmony with the universe and ascent to higher things.  Cemetery NW of Savannah, Missouri Nov. 3, 2001
The Darling tombstone is very similar to the Bales stone having the leaning, broken tree stump indicating interrupted life,and mourning.  Notice the family name Darling is shown with wood and plants. Also present are oak leaves and acorns indicating potential in life.  Eudora, Kansas City Cemetery Dec. 15, 2001
The Nacy stone is topped with a little angel, symbolizing rebirth, resurrection, after life in heaven, mercy and divine love.  There is a green gazing ball in front of the stone.  Riverview Cemetery, Jefferson City, Missouri, Dec. 8, 2001
The stone in the back is labeled "cenotaph"  which indicates a monumant erected to the dead but it does not contain the remains. There are several brothers but only one is buried here, one in St. Joseph, MO. and one in Houston, TX.  Riverview Cemetery, Jefferson City, Missouri Dec. 8, 2001

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