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Monroe Street Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.    © Carolyn S. Murray 2008
MONROE STREET CEMETERY    These are some of the graves and monuments at Monroe Street Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.    © Carolyn S. Murray 2008
A gothic style framework around a sarcophagus, which is for a body buried above ground.  Mt Mora Cemetery Kansas City, Missouri Dec.2, 2001
Mt Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, Missouri  Both stones are for M. Jeff Thompson but the one in back is a military stone for Brig. Gen. M. Jeff Thompson, who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.  He was known as "The Missouri Swamp Fox".  He aquired this nickname from the talent to wage guerrilla warfare in the swamps around New Madrid, Missouri.  He was born in Harper's Ferry, VA in 1826,and died in 1876 at the age of 50.  He was also a railroad builder and state engineer as well as mayor of St. Joseph, MO.Dec. 2, 2001 For further information go to  http://mmcwrt.missouri.org.
A sarcophagus surrounded by a large gothic style open "church" structure.  A sarcophagus  was used to inter the body above ground.  Sometimes referred to as a "bench tomb" or "grave shed".  Mt Mora Cemetery, St Joseph, Missouri  Dec. 2, 2001
Mt Mora Cemetery, St Joseph, Missouri.  A large, gothic style used to house a sarcophagus where the body is interred above ground.  It is sometimes referred to as a "bench tomb" or "grave shed".  Dec. 2, 2001
The domed tablet for Alexander is unusual in its use of Roman Numerals for birth and death dates.  Born-1788, Died-1846.  Machpelah Cemetery, Lexington, Missouri
A sad stone for a 10 month old child.  It shows a child reclining at the top of a domed tablet headstone.  Miami Cemetery, Saline Co., Missouri, Highway 41.
A very unusual wall around a family plot found in Miami Cemetery, Saline Co., Missouri on H-41.  It seems to be a brown ceramic fence but I don't know if there's a special significance to this unusual structure.
Harpold's Woodmen of the World W.O.W) stone at a cemetery NW of Savannah, Missouri.  Tree trunks represent brevity of life, as well as the society that the men belong to.  Ivy around the base indicates fidelity, attachment, undying affection and eternal life.  Nov. 3, 2001
The tall Crammer monument is an example of zinc or white bronze.  A small angel kneels in the alcove representing rebirth; resurrection; wisdom; mercy; divine love and afterlife in heaven.  Stringtown Cemetery, Adams Co. Iowa  For more information on white bronze you might check www.zincmarkers.com
The Bowman stone is the familiar tree trunk, shorter in this case, ivy surrounding the trunk, and a broken branch with a dove perched on it. The girl was only 15 years old.    A tree trunk represents brevity of life, the dove for love, purity, peace, resurrection and the Holy Spirit.  Cemetery NW of Savannah, Missouri Nov. 3, 2001
The DeLoss stone has an angel playing the harp.  Angels represent rebirth, resurrecton, protection, wisdom, mercy and afterlife in heaven.  The harp symbolizes hope, harmony with the universe and ascent to higher things.  Cemetery NW of Savannah, Missouri Nov. 3, 2001

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