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A view toward the south hills of Eugene.
Machpelah Cemetery  Lexington, Missouri  Jan. 17, 2009
"Shlauf In Freiden"
The Gorham Guardian Angel.
Closeup on on of the flowers on the grill work of the gate in front of the front door to the McCord mausoleum.  This may be my favorite picture.
Nave Mausoleum on "Mausoleum Row" in Mt. Mora Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO.  Directly above the doorway is "AD MAJOREM GLORIAM" translated to mean "for the greater glory of God".  Jan. 23, 2009
CLEVELAND LUTHERAN CEMETERY    This is the Cleveland Lutheran Cemetery (Pearl Road), Cleveland, Ohio.    © Carolyn S. Murray 2007  edit

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Photo by: Jennifer · See photo in original gallery.