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Washington DC & New York City


Washington DC; New York City

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Detroit Skyline : Various Perspectives of the Detroit Skyline

Detroit Skyline


Various Perspectives of the Detroit Skyline

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St. Paul :

St. Paul


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Engaging Light

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Cityscapes :


Mark Goodman

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Cityscapes :


David Vasek

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Minneapolis :



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Great sceneries over Tokyo : The skyline of Tokyo makes an ever fascinating subject for photos. Majestic mount Fuji, the relief peaks of the Japanese Alps, clouds, sun, moon and stars compete with the cityscape of skyscrapers, parks and a sea of buildings. Every season has its owns shades of lights and colours. In winter the view is very clear where. Spring greats with the light colours of the blossoming trees. In summer the sky is most often hazy in the heat and humidity and one looks desperately for a blotch of blue sky. An exception is the immaculate blue sky after the passing of a typhoon. Autumn brings an array of saturated green, red and yellow leaves. The sunsets are most spectacular from my high rise appeasement that faces west. In Winter the sun drops far left of the skyline of Shinjuku while in Summer it sets far right over the Sunshine 60 tower of Ikebukuro.  Many a morning when I look through the windows I can't resist to press the shutter. In the evening too when the sun sets against an ever changing backdrop of clouds there is an irresistible drive to click again and again. 
Martin Wenk, December 2009

Great sceneries over Tokyo

Martin WENK

The skyline of Tokyo makes an ever fascinating subject for photos. Maj ...

Updated: Sep 20, 2014 11:10pm PST

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