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February 25...  Beach #7.  Hope you are not getting tired of pictures from my beach. If not I have a few more to come. I am proud that a TV station has shown 2 of the previous beach-pictures at prime time.
While trying to capture some ants and aphids in my garden, I noticed this little spider (about a half inch across) with a large fly.  The spider was already sucking the insides out of the fly, which was already dead or paralyzed.  I managed to bring this pair into the house, where I experimented with a number of different lighting arrangements...trying to get the details of the spider, while maintaining a good dof.  It was very difficult and I never succeeded in getting the kind of sharpness and clarity that I wanted.  However, I think the subject is sufficiently interesting to use one of these images for my daily.  The other images from this effort are in my macro gallery (under the "other" category).  I think for this shot, you should probably view it in the original size.  The whole time I was shooting this the spider was moving around on the white paper.  Thanks for your kind comments on my iris pic today.  There were a lot of wonderful images posted today.  By the way, has anyone heard from Dave Dedman?  I haven't seen anything of his in a while and I know he had pneumonia.  I sure hope he's ok.  If some of you are communicating with him, give him my best wishes.
3.10.09 - Ghost in the Machine
Sunrise in Big Bend National Park in Texas; I took this shot on our recent trip to Big Bend.  There were a number of lovely sunrises while we were there, but I think this one is my favorite.  Another week has flown by and Easter is almost upon us.  Hope you are able to do something enjoyable this weekend.  I'm off to bed as soon as I post this.  Thanks, everyone, who commented on my shot of the green heron with its damselfly.  It is really gratifying to get such nice comments from such a terrific bunch of photographers.  I am constantly amazed by the talent here on smugmug.
"Those Eyes"  details best seen @ size X3  While walking through my kids TV room last night I noticed a great beam of natural sunlight coming through the front window as the sun was going down and then saw my daughter Alexa's eyes catching the light as well. So I made her get off the couch (I know I'm a terrible Dad LOL) and had her stare out of the window. I should have went to get my 50mm Nikkor or 90mm Tamron for this Portrait to get a sharper image but I was lazy and stuck with the 18-200 VR that was on the body but I think it did a fine job, impressed me really. When seen as large as possible you can see each individual eye lash reflected on her retina, pretty cool!    I then hit this with my normal Portraiture work flow & slight glamour treatment, removed a bunch of small hairs in between the nose, shaped her brows and did some very minor burning to bring out her cheek bone a little bit and that's it. The shadow is all natural just using proper exposure settings and shooting tight to prevent any of the background in the room from showing. Alexa's eyes are usually a nice blue but she was wearing a purple shirt which turns them a wild greenish aqua blue seen here. She's my favorite model and loves to have her photo taken so we both make out on the deal whenever I want to do a portrait to keep my skills sharp ;) I like this one so much I'll be ordering it in a large format lustre print or possibly a canvas to hang on my office wall! ~I just love my kids ~  Hope you all like it, Have a Great Day everyone !    PS: This image has been the #1 Rated photo on my site since it's post date. Please click on the 'Green Thumbs Up' sign over the image if you agree to keep it rated #1     ~Bill~
Ride 'em cowboy! - This statue, which is lifesize, or even bigger than lifesize, stands in front of the Rodeo Hall of Fame here in Colorado Springs. I shot this with my 24 - 70mm lens, shooting from ground level.  I did not actually have to lie down to get this angle.  Thanks for your support of my shot of the freestyler.  I processed new photos all afternoon until my mouse quit working.  This is the third wireless mouse in a year that has quit working with my mac and I cannot really work with the track pad for very long.  So, tomorrow, I guess I'll have to go in and get another mouse, unless I can convince the Apple store to replace it for free.  It is snowing here a bit and we have to get out really early tomorrow, as Phil has a doctor's exam (just a checkup).  Hopefully, the roads won't be too bad.  Hope your Friday is a good one!
13.04.12 - The Blue Lady    These alien planet experiments have been something very very different for me, and although I have no intention of doing them regularly I would recommend that everyone tries at least one of them. The idea came to me when I was thinking of the backgrounds that are going to be added to the green screen in some of the scenes in our Dr Who movie, which is nearing completion by the way..     The model here is my friend Jo, who designs and makes beautiful dresses like these as Blue Lady Couture. Her work is well worth seeking out.     The basic principle of making these is very simple, just put one image on top of another and erase the bits you don't want so that it looks like one picture, but of course it isn't as simple as that :)    But the more you do the easier they get. I'd recommend starting with pics with a level unbroken horizon, those are much easier to join. Then gradually build up to more complicated images. Long hair and transparent materials are the hardest part of making these, and I've certainly not perfected that part of things yet!    IMPORTANT:- hopefully a final word on the thumbs downers and abusive anonymous commenters. Thanks for your responses to my comments yesterday, but it is very important that if you want this resolving you must contact Andy at Smug about it. As I type this no one has added to the thread I started on Dgrin, and unless people contact Smug they are likely to claim that it isn't an issue and continue to ignore the situation. If you have contacted Andy privately then thank-you for that, and let's hope that he is as good as his word and does something about it.
A beautiful monarch butterfly .  I photographed this colorful creature before he headed out on the long journey south.   Have a great day all...
The Dance
The Balloon Ride
John 14:2  In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.    I was playing around a little yesterday and thought of this scripture when I was done.
Paradise Beach  Pondicherry, India    ADDED IN RESPONSE TO COMMENTS:   These are stray dogs and not wild as they grow up amongst people. A few of them could be 'ferocious' but most co-exist very peacefully with street people.   Majority of the stray dogs in India adapt to their neighbourhood very easily, in most cases thanks to the friendly people in the locality. While there is a system in place to keep a check on strays, often their extended families (read people) jump to the defense of their friendly, harmless four legged pals.    more pics:  http://Hershy.smugmug.com/gallery/3951305_mw7Dp/1/289184725_zpLUc    travel and other info on Pondicherry  http://tourism.pondicherry.gov.in/
3-13: All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy - I finally got out for some pictures Thursday evening. It was very overcast and I didn't think there would be much of a sunset but it ended up being very nice! This was taken at Running Deer natural area. Fort collins comes up with wierd names for some of it's natural areas.
6-7-12. Common Green Darner Dragonfly (female). Gainesville, Florida. 2012.  I spent the day having very close encounters with this incredibly beautiful and docile common green darner dragonfly. She let me put the lens inches from her head and didn't fly away when I moved a vine she was sitting on. I got more than enough nice pictures! If you're interested, you can see some of them in this smugmug album: http://kvedisonnaturephotos.smugmug.com/Animals/Dragonflies
5-18: Sorry for no comments today - Melanie (my wife) had me doing chores almost all day long :(  I'll try to catch up soon.   We were driving by a farm near Lions Park natural area north of Fort Collins and this section of fence caught my eye. I think those little glowing round things are dandelion seed puff things.
February 25... Beach #7. Hope you are not getting tired of pictures from my beach. If not I have a few more to come. I am proud that a TV station has shown 2 of the previous beach-pictures at prime time.

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February 25...  Beach #7.  Hope you are not getting tired of pictures from my beach. If not I have a few more to come. I am proud that a TV station has shown 2 of the previous beach-pictures at prime time.
February 25... Beach #7. Hope you are not getting tired of pictures from my beach. If not I have a few more to come. I am proud that a TV station has shown 2 of the previous beach-pictures at prime time.

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