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October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
PollenMaker-3503    Shot this today while on a break from mowing the yard.  I hate mowing so I keep the camera handy as a diversion just in case I run across anything interesting.  And, as luck would have it, I did.  I ran across a really cool looking grasshopper.  Unfortunately, he was a little too disfigured from the mower to be a much of a macro model - poor guy.  : (        Then I saw this pine flower on a low hanging branch and thought it might be an interesting subject for a closeup.    Shot handheld with the 70-200 and 36mm extension tube.  I'll likely try this again with the tripod, on a day with no wind, for a little more sharpness and DOF.
April 17, 2008    Looking for a handout.
This guy was very in-tuned with my camera, every time he heard the shutter he looked and came a bit closer....last time he moved. my chair was in reverse! (Pidippus princeps, Jumping spider) Day 300 #365Project (2010.10.27) @sharkbayte  Thank you for all the kind comments on the past few days pictures!
09/07/09 - The boys and I went to a local private zoo yesterday called Noah's Landing.  This place is all about hands-on learning and interaction with the animals.  The NC Wildlife Rescue Center out of Sandford was onsite with some of their rescue birds, and this Great Horned Owl was amongst them.  I've only ever seen a Great Horned Owl in the wild once, and that was just a silhouette on a power line, so I was ecstatic to get to see one THIS CLOSE.      The boys and I had a superb time.  We got to touch an alligator, skunk, opossum and more.  We will go back!    I put up a blog post about our visit here:  http://maryanng.blogspot.com    Besides the great horned owl, they had a red-tailed hawk, a black vulture, a screech owl, and a barred owl.  Wow!      Thank you all so much for receiving my black swallowtail picture so well yesterday:-)  I took a picture of a red-spotted purple yesterday on the way to Noah's Landing, and that just might be tomorrow's POTD.     I hope you are enjoying the holiday!    Maryann
1/19/09  AMERICAN GOLDFINCH (of course, details are better larger :-))  I'm still loving capturing birds on my little tree.  It's quite a challenge to get one sitting still long enough to capture it.  This was taken through the open kitchen window, leaning over the sink...freezing my fingers off...but well worth the pain and suffering. ;-)
June 11, 2008    Reflections of my world.     I was taking pictures of Gabe and his brother Gregory and this was the only one in the shot and the reflections I thought were kinda cool.    Just a note to all of you for your constant up lifting on my dailies. This is such a nice place to be everyday. I try to get something worthy everyday but just end putting up the best of what I took even if it isn't great technically it might be something special or meaningful. Oh well...I'll shut up now. Just wanted to say thanks.
Oct 7: Up close and personal I went out for my walk at lunch yesterday with the intension of getting a better shot of the spider from yesterday.  I had my SB800 on the bracket so to light the subject better than the onboard flash.  I did and I got some flowers and I saw this honey bee.  I think I chased him around for quite a while but it was worth the effort.  I got really close before he flew off on the last few shots.  The sun gave me front lighting and I used the flash for side fill light.  It was a fantastic day at lunch with over 100 pictures taken.  I have never done that in 30 min before. Have a great day!
The Eyes  Thu. November 6, 2008 (Day 206)    I'm still sorting some files from  photo shoot last weekend, and I think this one deserve the spot.     I took some pics today but not too crazy about them.   They only deserve to be in the  Alternate gallery.    Hmm... I need a good rest tonight. Have a good evening all.
April 8, 2011-This large Eastern Carpenter bee and company have set up house on the ramp, right outside my door. Whenever I come out there they hover on either side of me and then start to chase each other and sometimes me off the ramp. I have been trying to capture them but the minute I focus on them they fly off. Not today! (Day 98:365 @sharkbayte)
Rufous Treepie  No PP except for a bit of a crop.     Shot at Ranthambhore national park     The Rufous Treepie (Dendrocitta vagabunda) is an Asian treepie, a member of the Corvidae (crow) family. It is long tailed and has loud musical calls making it very conspicuous. It is found commonly in open scrub, agricultural areas, forests as well as urban gardens. Like other corvids it is very adaptable, omnivorous and opportunistic in feeding.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranthambhore_National_Park    http://www.tigerwatch.net/    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rufous_Treepie    www.javeri.net
Ok, I will tell you all how I came about this shot.  While in Maui I was in a gallery and saw these amazing wave pictures by Clark Little(his shots are amazing).  I borrowed a cannon Powershot with an underwater housing from a friend for my trip, so that was step one.  Then while my wife lounged on the beach I spent several hours playing in the waves trying to get a decent shot.  So step two was just spending a lot of time getting bashed around by waves trying to get the timing just right.  And I did get a lot of wierd looks from people wondering what I was doing, but it was all worth it.  I am looking forward to going back again this time with my G11 and housing to try for some more shots.
August 8, 2011-Mug Shot. I swear he has lips and mustache. This is handheld, and could be a lot better, but thought the face was interesting even with the five o'clock shadow/stubble. (220:365)  thanks for all the comments on my shot yesterday!
January 14.   This is a 100 year old summerhouse in the dunes just 100 m. from the beach. I shot it just before sunset in order to get the glow in the windows and the dark BG. The foreground was darkened in order to draw all attention to this well-preserved house  .
011911  Pelican Landing    I went on a fishing trip with my son Matthew yesterday and pelicans followed the boat back into the marina. I thought this picture was fitting today since our trip has come to an end and we are flying back home late this afternoon.
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold

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October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold

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