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Another shot today of the Canna blooms that are still unfurled.  They have such great color it's hard not to frequently shoot & post lots of Canna photos.  No PP on this - just great evening light.  Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments on my photos.  HAGD - Linda.
A black-chinned hummingbird; best viewed in the larger sizes.  This shot was also captured at Teal Campground in southern Colorado --- about 25 miles outside Pagosa Springs.  I sure appreciated all the comments on my shot of the damselflies mating.  Thanks so much!  Hope you are having a good week.
2.11.08 - November    You don't hear many nice things said about November (unless you live in Oz), grey, wet and windy are the sort of words usually associated with this time of year. September and October are associated with beautiful Autumn colour. December has Christmas, and January and February are often bright and frosty. But November? Nah, best to stay indoors!    But then again, you never know what you might miss. Yesterday was everything you associate with November, it was a horrible day. But mid-afternoon I decided to go for a walk and get my Daily. The last time I visited Riseholme Hall it was a blustery summer's day of big clouds and blue skies, but yesterday was wet and nasty. Until I started to really look around me.    Despite the mist and rain the colours were rich. The reflections in the lake were beautiful, and it is a very photogenic place to go for a walk anyway. I took nearly 100 photos in less than an hour of ducking and diving between trees in the rain, and was looking forward to processing them.     But then my troubles started, Elements just refused to save anything! I started to think that it would never work, but this morning everything is working again, weird! I hate to be a slave to PP, but I really was lost without it last night. I'm rarely totally satisfied with images straight from the camera, and always like to tweak things slightly, even if it is only a small crop. Having said that, the D50 copes very well with these light conditions and most that was needed was an unsharp mask to deal with the mist.    Today is bright and sunny, so if I get chance I'd like to get out to Riseholme again and take some shots in very different conditions. Then I'll upload them all into a new gallery which should be really nice. These could be the last shots of Autumn before all the leaves are gone, but I'm glad I dragged my carcass out into the rain yesterday, it was much nicer than I thought it was going to be. Don't underestimate November :)
"Rays of hope"  This was a little risky shot with me trying to capture this shot right from my car on a dark road (with no shoulder) in between the woods after a heavy rain. I was kind of lost on this road but the sun-rays in that darkness was a nice relief.   The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.  ~Marian Zimmer Bradley
'UKO'...04/25/2011...    'Unidentified Klutzy Object'...KP stumbles upon the 'Prize Egg' and marvels at its reflective capacity...
12-16: This is a shot standing in the middle of the road looking down the 16th street mall in Denver. It's wierd that you don't see many people, buses or carriages because the place was packed that night. In fact I was almost run over by a horse drawn carriage on the sidewalk!
01FEB2012   Big Beautiful Doll  This shot was just after a simulated bombing run, the other planes in the group were ahead and laid down the bombs prior to the Big Beautiful Doll strafing the ground here with small arms fire from the wing mounted guns. The smoke it was flying through was real dense and the craft is very low, I had to crop some heads out on the bottom of the pic. I have taken many shots at these air shows in the manual mode but lets face it, your panning on a target that is moving at a blistering pace, with changing light conditions through the shot. So the trick I have found when you are shooting action is quite simple....don't go in hard on the item you are trying to get a shot of, actually make the camera work for you, take a wider than normal shot and take the frame down in processing rather than in the field.  So the plane is rather far away in the original shot at 200mm, more importantly here though it is in focus....thats because the pan speed is correct to the speed of the plane, thats the most important thing to remember....if the pan speed is wrong....your shot is out of focus....everytime. So, I am not a big fan of autofocus, but in these conditions you just have to much going on to get the shot, try panning something today, its not as hard as you think but it is the thing that makes the difference in an action shot.....everytime.  I wish I was flying a plane but no I am on the ground.  Phil....those people are looking for the shot they want to see....I tend to see what you give me, your perspective, not what I am looking for, thats why all the work you do is great....it's your perspective that counts.....everytime!  Looks almost fake...another airshow shot from this summer.  Thanks for your comments....much appreciated! Thanks for the great questions, I hope this helps!!! #1 01FEB2012
Colorado Balloon Classic - We went to this event very early this foggy morning.  The balloon launch was delayed several times, but eventually, around 8:30, the balloons starting launching.  There was apparently almost no wind aloft, so, after they launched, the balloons just hung around in the air over us for a long time.  This shot was early in the first wave of launches.  The shot was taken with my fisheye lens.  I still have many, many shots of this event to process, but if you'd like to see a few of the others, they can be found here in my "Colorado Balloon Classic" gallery, which is in the "Other" category:  http://fotoeffects.smugmug.com/Other/Colorado-Balloon-Classic/9540120_hQhxe#641316963_fagpa.  I actually entered a different shot from the balloon festival in the Dgrin Challenge "A Different Perspective."  I have not had any success in the challenges so far, but it is such a good learning experience that I keep trying.  My train shots were done with the thought that I might use them in the challenge.  With regard to the train shots, I actually took pics of two different trains.  The first was not moving too fast and I got pretty cocky that I was completely safe so close to the tracks.  The second train came through much faster, and, although I seemed to be fine, I must admit it was a bit more unnerving.  However, I'll probably do it again, as I really did not get the shot I was hoping for.  Thanks for the great response to my train shot.  A lot of you also looked at some of the other shots in my "Trains, Trains, Trains" gallery, under the "Other" category.  Thanks for all the comments.  I sure appreciate them.  Have a great Monday --- if that is possible?
December 19, 2010  "RAZZLE DAZZLE"   “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” ~ Charles Dickens  SOOC, handheld (no tripod)  Christmas in Arizona - a week's vacation   We attended the debut of this event. This walk-through holiday light and sound display with millions of holiday lights featured a holiday train and Santa's Workshop.   The complete set of holiday photos can be viewed here: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/10839515_xoQFZ#758071203_4AwSM  St. Nick's Lights  Scottsdale Pavilions Scottsdale, AZ  ***top 5 photos today and all time***  (photo taken 12/24/2009)
Mystic  ©  2011 Colleen M. Griffith. All Rights Reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, modified, or redistributed without written agreement with the creator.  This image is registered with the US Copyright Office.  www.colleenmgriffith.com  www.facebook.com/colleen.griffith    This northern pacific coast lighthouse is located just south of Pescadero and Half Moon Bay, two cute little coastal towns easily accessible from San Francisco, California.  I captured this moonset photo the morning the moon was it's closest to the earth in the past 18 years, March 19 2010.  The sun still had not risen, so, the light you see in the clouds and reflected on the ocean was from the incredibly bright full moon as it was setting over the Pacific Ocean. We've had virtually non-stop rain over the past week, and this morning was no different - so I was lucky the moon peeked out of the clouds just a bit to add some mystical moonlight to the ocean and clouds.
December 31, 2010  "DESERT WILDFLOWER TOWERS" by Dale Chihuly  "As I have practiced it, photography produces pleasure by simplicity. I see something special and show it to the camera. A picture is produced. The moment is held until someone sees it. Then it is theirs." ~ Sam Abell  First of all, Donna McCommon, this is why I was so excited about your POTD yesterday; I had already chosen this picture to be my final post of the year when I arrived home from Arizona. This is SOOC without flash. I am a huge Dale Chihuly fan; great minds think alike!   Secondly, I would like to thank you, fellow SmugMuggers, for your inspiring comments on my 2010 POTDs. I learned so much from many of you, made some new friends along the way, improved my photography skills immensely, and even had a photo (12/21/2010) to land in the #1 spot, two photos (12/17/2010 and 12/29/2010) to land in the #2 spot, and several to land in the top five. Who knew that posting a photo a day would render such rewards for a self-described "advanced amateur?"    Moreover, I am so excited about perusing all of your 2011 fabulous photos, posting comments, and giving you a thumbs up. You ladies and gentlemen are meticulously discerning. I wish I could meet each of you on my route during this lifetime.   Finally, as the world turns, we only have one life to live. May the guiding light that leads to another world keep us young at heart, unrestless, and out of General Hospital. My prayer for each of you is a safe, blessed, healthy, fun, and happy 2011. In spite of the bumps and bruises, God has been exceptionally kind to all of us.   The complete "Chihuly in the Garden" 2013 gallery is here:  http://godschild.smugmug.com/ArtScape-1/Chihuly-in-the-Garden-2013  Visit Dale Chihuly's official site here:  http://www.dalechihuly.com  Cheers, Godschild  Chihuly in the Garden / Las Noches de la Luminarias  Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix, AZ  ***all-time***  (photo taken 12/26/2010)
• Burrowing Owl  • How about my big eyes
Holy Family Sunset, Gretna Nebraska    My little sister Taylor and I went out to take some sunset photos at the Holy Family Shrine about 20 minutes outside of Omaha.  The chapel is a stunning combination of glass and wood.  We see the shrine every time we go to Lincoln, as it's clearly visible from the interstate.  Hopefully we'll go back soon.  For those interested, the Holy Family Shrine website is here: http://www.holyfamilyshrineproject.com/    This is a seven exposure HDR.  So much for my non-HDR streak of two dailies.  This photo caused all kinds of problems in tonemapping and was a big hassle to process.  Even after working on it for a few hours I'm still not satisfied.  I'll have to come back to it on a rainy day.  I had a blast processing and listening to hard core rap music with my dad into the wee hours of the night while everyone in the family was sleeping.  Dad wasn't as into the music as me, but he played along.  Ah the holidays...    Daily photo: Dec 23, 2011, taken Dec 22, 2011
Flame Skimmer  From a distance I thought this was a Rufus hummingbird, due to the bright orange color darting round. Don't get to see that many dragon flies near the mtns where I live. What a treat. He hung around on the same limb of a tree for about 30 minutes allowing me to take his picture. Strange how his eyes kept shifting to look at me while snapping away. Late evening sun with a Pondersa Pine for backdrop. Not bad for the 200-400 tele. If I am not mistaken, I believe this is a Neon Skimmer.  Best viewed at 2X.
Eggsperimenting with off camera flash. 4/3/2010
Another shot today of the Canna blooms that are still unfurled. They have such great color it's hard not to frequently shoot & post lots of Canna photos. No PP on this - just great evening light. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments on my photos. HAGD - Linda.

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Another shot today of the Canna blooms that are still unfurled.  They have such great color it's hard not to frequently shoot & post lots of Canna photos.  No PP on this - just great evening light.  Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments on my photos.  HAGD - Linda.
Another shot today of the Canna blooms that are still unfurled. They have such great color it's hard not to frequently shoot & post lots of Canna photos. No PP on this - just great evening light. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments on my photos. HAGD - Linda.

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