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12-16: This is a shot standing in the middle of the road looking down the 16th street mall in Denver. It's wierd that you don't see many people, buses or carriages because the place was packed that night. In fact I was almost run over by a horse drawn carriage on the sidewalk!
Colorado Balloon Classic - We went to this event very early this foggy morning.  The balloon launch was delayed several times, but eventually, around 8:30, the balloons starting launching.  There was apparently almost no wind aloft, so, after they launched, the balloons just hung around in the air over us for a long time.  This shot was early in the first wave of launches.  The shot was taken with my fisheye lens.  I still have many, many shots of this event to process, but if you'd like to see a few of the others, they can be found here in my "Colorado Balloon Classic" gallery, which is in the "Other" category:  http://fotoeffects.smugmug.com/Other/Colorado-Balloon-Classic/9540120_hQhxe#641316963_fagpa.  I actually entered a different shot from the balloon festival in the Dgrin Challenge "A Different Perspective."  I have not had any success in the challenges so far, but it is such a good learning experience that I keep trying.  My train shots were done with the thought that I might use them in the challenge.  With regard to the train shots, I actually took pics of two different trains.  The first was not moving too fast and I got pretty cocky that I was completely safe so close to the tracks.  The second train came through much faster, and, although I seemed to be fine, I must admit it was a bit more unnerving.  However, I'll probably do it again, as I really did not get the shot I was hoping for.  Thanks for the great response to my train shot.  A lot of you also looked at some of the other shots in my "Trains, Trains, Trains" gallery, under the "Other" category.  Thanks for all the comments.  I sure appreciate them.  Have a great Monday --- if that is possible?
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Holy Family Sunset, Gretna Nebraska    My little sister Taylor and I went out to take some sunset photos at the Holy Family Shrine about 20 minutes outside of Omaha.  The chapel is a stunning combination of glass and wood.  We see the shrine every time we go to Lincoln, as it's clearly visible from the interstate.  Hopefully we'll go back soon.  For those interested, the Holy Family Shrine website is here: http://www.holyfamilyshrineproject.com/    This is a seven exposure HDR.  So much for my non-HDR streak of two dailies.  This photo caused all kinds of problems in tonemapping and was a big hassle to process.  Even after working on it for a few hours I'm still not satisfied.  I'll have to come back to it on a rainy day.  I had a blast processing and listening to hard core rap music with my dad into the wee hours of the night while everyone in the family was sleeping.  Dad wasn't as into the music as me, but he played along.  Ah the holidays...    Daily photo: Dec 23, 2011, taken Dec 22, 2011
Eggsperimenting with off camera flash. 4/3/2010
Dragonfly,  Blue Dasher         Link to Photo Without Frame         Thank You for Making this Daily Photo the #1 Pick on 07-24-2013
04/09/2010 ***Today is my mother's birthday. She was born April 9, 1941 and she flew home to God on October 26, 1994. The day before she passed away, she promised my oldest brother, John that she would be waiting for him on the day of his death. A few years later, my brother, Jim was diagnosed with duodenal cancer. He fought it for 2 years and finally succumbed to it 9 years ago today at 1:00 AM on what would have been the celebration of Mom's 60th birthday. In the moments before Jim's passing, John stepped out of the room and talked to Mom in his heart. He said to her "That promise you made to me the day before you died, I want you to make it true for Jim right now." As I held Jim's hand, he looked at me with fear in his eyes. He wanted to fight for his life. His last words an hour earlier were "I don't want to die". But he was so tired and in so much pain. As John asked Mom to be there waiting for Jim, I believe God allowed her to come to us and embrace her son as he struggled his way out of this life's cocoon. John was coming back into the room when Jim began to fight for his last breath. John and I held Jim's hands and Dad placed his hand gently on Jim's leg as we watched his soul flutter away. This was the most painful moment my soul has ever experienced. It was more difficult than my mother's passing and even my husband's passing. I can't even say why, just that Jim was my brother and in a way, my childhood soul mate. He was the one who walked me home from my 1st day of kindergarten so I would not get lost. He was always there to help me find my way. As difficult as the moment of his death was, I treasure it. I can not imagine my life without it. When my life began, it was the 5 of us. And somehow, God saw fit to grant us the mercy that the 5 of us were there when Jim fluttered his wings and flew away.  Jim, I love you and I miss you. Please be there waiting for me when it is time for me to come out of this cocoon. How else will your little sister find her way home?
Flame Skimmer  From a distance I thought this was a Rufus hummingbird, due to the bright orange color darting round. Don't get to see that many dragon flies near the mtns where I live. What a treat. He hung around on the same limb of a tree for about 30 minutes allowing me to take his picture. Strange how his eyes kept shifting to look at me while snapping away. Late evening sun with a Pondersa Pine for backdrop. Not bad for the 200-400 tele. If I am not mistaken, I believe this is a Neon Skimmer.  Best viewed at 2X.
Doorway to 1777
May 1st  Over sleep this morn attended a photo-shoot party last nite had  an extremely good time!   I had the honor of photgraphing Miss Jing last night at the photo-shoot she's a young inspiring model this was her second shoot I think she's incredibly photogenic! Extremely happy that I attended :0)  LG-Life is Good!
3rd year Pic 284 - Jul 20 2011 Sparks  Kumbharwada, Mumbai Kumbhar-wada: Kumbhar means a potter in many Indian languages and wada means an area.  Have also made a Selective Colour (SC) version, which is your choice? http://hershy.smugmug.com/Photography/Mumbai-my-city/Kamathipura-Kumbharwad/15310394_rtE3U#1392116740_XchHwdK-A-LB
October 2   The 'sunset show' at our local lake was very beautiful this evening; I couldn't catch the lightning & thunder with the camera (!!) and then the slight sprinkling gave way to a downpour.  YAY!  First rain we've had in quite a while.  This afternoon and tonight felt....tropical!  2 shot panorama
Door (Pic 267 2nd year - 12 Oct 2009)    no PP except for light adjustments.  ATMA (Ahmedabad Textiles Mill's Association) building was designed by world renowned architect Le Corbusier.  The door looks heavy - which it was - but was very  easy to operate.   more pics   http://hershy.smugmug.com/Travel/Ahmedabad/October-2009/9859810_e7xxy/1/669546611_MS3Ph      http://agram.saariste.nl/scripts/fcard.asp?lookforthis=65&dir=corbu&pics=cb    http://www.javeri.net
Red Sunset, Lake Sam Rayburn    I'm happy to report that Nini and I have found our sunset spot here in Nacogdoches.  The only problem is that it's not in Nacogdoches, and is a good hour drive from our home.  But it is nice.  We went out early yesterday so we could try a few places.  The first stop on the list was Harvey Creek recreation area.  Upon first sight it was nothing more than an uninteresting boat ramp.  So we left right away and spent about an hour driving around on various gravel roads looking for a better view of the lake.  But all we found was a lot of private property.  So we headed back to Harvey Creek, and low and behold, we found a dirt road in the rec area that lead us to the best beach we've seen since we found the best beach in Missouri.   There is a lot of room for the dogs to run while I shoot and Nini reads, and there is a strong cross wind that keeps the mosquitoes at bay.  We can't wait to go back and spend the day there sometime soon.    This is a single 8 second exposure.  I started off by using a 3-stop hard-step neutral density filter, which helped me bring the exposure of the sky closer to that of the foreground.  Then I added a 5 stop neutral density filter to allow me to use a longer exposure.  I wanted the long exposure effect on the water, but the long exposure also let the sensor capture more of the rapidly changing colors as they spilled across the sky.  I was surprised at how much more red came through.  When I was on the beach I was thinking that maybe the filter was just tricking the camera's auto white balance into setting a really warm color temperature.  But the color temperature here is actually 5200, the color temperature of daylight.  I would guess the actual color temperature was somewhere closer to 6500, since the sun was partially behind the clouds, but of course if I changed it to 6500 it would be even more red!  Anyway, long story short, I'm still learning about these filters, but I'm liking the results.  Lastly, our new beach has solved my foreground problems.  Now I have a lot more options and look forward to trying out some different foregrounds as we return to this beach over the next few months.    Critiques always welcome!    Daily photo: August 27, 2012, taken August 26, 2012
24.8.08 - What a difference a day makes :)  My last three Dailies have been very dark, and not just because they were night shots. Today was better. A walk in the sunshine round the Nature Reserve kick started things. I managed to get my first wildflower shots in ages, and picked lots of blackberries to turn into crumbles or just eat with ice cream. I also took loads of shots of these ripples in the small stream that splits the reserve in two. I've never seen it looking so striking as this. I don't know whether it was the angle of light, the level and speed of the water flow, or maybe a combination of lots of things, but I was transfixed for ages watching the patterns constantly changing.   We take water for granted. It not only gives us life, but it can also be very beautiful in all it's different guises. It is also a major constituent of beer :) A group of us spent the evening unwinding at a beer festival in town. Lots of wonderful beers, a hog roast, some guys casually playing guitar on the benches just along from us, the perfect way to finish the day. So imagine this image, while drinking beer and listening to an acoustic "All Along the Watchtower", in the shadow of Lincoln Castle, yep, that's chillin' :)  There are five other shots from the nature reserve here;  http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/5121648_aU8pe#358234544_AyMnx
12-16: This is a shot standing in the middle of the road looking down the 16th street mall in Denver. It's wierd that you don't see many people, buses or carriages because the place was packed that night. In fact I was almost run over by a horse drawn carriage on the sidewalk!

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12-16: This is a shot standing in the middle of the road looking down the 16th street mall in Denver. It's wierd that you don't see many people, buses or carriages because the place was packed that night. In fact I was almost run over by a horse drawn carriage on the sidewalk!
12-16: This is a shot standing in the middle of the road looking down the 16th street mall in Denver. It's wierd that you don't see many people, buses or carriages because the place was packed that night. In fact I was almost run over by a horse drawn carriage on the sidewalk!

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