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Baby Pineapple - Mar 25 2010  Second in the fruit series is a baby pineapple, much like a normal pineapple but a lot smaller (surprise!) After the shoot I chopped it in pieces so my darling Caroline would have a healthy snack at work... and then I thought "does this make me a baby killer"?
In the kitchen of the Vostok Restaurant, one of the indomitable Ms. Li Lihua's restaurants in Blagoveshchensk, Russia. (7.17.2011)
Colorful - Mar 3 2010  OK, I know what you're thinking... but no these are absolutely not M&M's... no way... these are... euh... euh... health pearls. Yes, that's what these are :-)
Death Valley Sand Dunes  ~Deb  3/21/2011
Mandarin Orange - Jan 7 2010  Tried my hand at some fruit shots today. With limited lighting options and only kitchen attributes for the setup the result isn't that great. Well at least it was fun and the models went along just fine :-)
Lupine high on the mountain  Spent some time today at Timberline on Mt Hood.  Starting at around 6000 ft near the Timberline Lodge we followed this trail up to about 7000 ft.  ~Deb  7/25/09
Spring Colors - Mar 23 2009  We had our last 'spring' day for now... it's raining cats and dogs. So here's a little color to get trough the wet and dark days.
02/13/12 - Superman and Superwoman Battling Cancer  My Blog:  http://maryanng.blogspot.com/2012/02/superman-and-superwoman-battling-cancer.html  You guys have seen quite a few pictures of Donnie, and you know that he wears his hair pretty short.  When my hair was coming out after chemo, we started joking about taking a picture of us as twins.  I try to be a good sport.  Yesterday was the day.  I know some people would never allow themselves to be seen without their wig, but I'm not some people.  I am what I am.  I appreciate that the wig helps me look more like my usual self, though!  Maybe someone else going through a similar situation will see this picture and be a little stronger to deal with their cancer hair loss after seeing my picture.  There are awesome super men out there like my Donnie who love you no matter what and don't focus on what you look like on any given day but just remember the pretty girl they fell in love with no matter what.  I'm a lucky girl, and Donnie is a good sport.   Off to my third chemo today. Then hopefully only one more to go!  HAGD, Maryann
November 29, 2010 - "Bridge of the Devil"    This is the first of a photo series this week that were shot in the rain and fog.  All the images were shot from on or adjacent to this bridge on the Serchio River in Italy.  The rain drops on the river are visible in the enlarged version.    "Ponte della Maddalena (Italian: "Bridge of Mary Magdalene") is a bridge crossing the Serchio river near the town of Borgo a Mozzano in the Italian province of Lucca.[1][2]. One of numerous medieval bridges known as Ponte del Diavolo, the "Bridge of the Devil", it was a vital river crossing on the Via Francigena, an early medieval road to Rome for those coming from France that was an important medieval pilgrimage route.  The bridge is a remarkable example of medieval engineering, probably commissioned by the Countess Matilda of Tuscany circa 1080-1100. It was renovated circa 1300 under the direction of Castruccio Castracani. The largest span is 37.8 m. The bridge is also described in a 14th century novella by Giovanni Sercambi of Lucca.  Circa 1500 it took on the name of Ponte della Maddalena, from an oratory dedicated to Mary Magdalene, whose statue stood at the foot of the bridge on the eastern bank."    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - November 28, 2010
Picture window.
Megan On Pointe - this is one of the shots from the photoshoot on Friday with two young ballet dancers.  Thanks for the nice comments on the shot of the diner kitchen.  Some time ago, I was contacted and asked to do an interview for the SmugMugCorner on PhotographyCorner.  I was notified today that the interview is now live on the site.  You can see it here:   http://www.photographycorner.com/blog/2010/01/smugmug-corner-60-judy-horton.  I was really flattered to be selected for an interview.  I hope you can take a couple of minutes to check it out.
Feb.22/13  The sun came out today . She loved the warmth and sunlight. It lifted my mood to walk. A leaf in ice.
4th year Pic 158 - June - 13 2012 Elephant ride. -  Maetaeng Elephant Park, Cihang Mai, Thailand This one is for Art, he commented on my earlier pic that he would like to go for such a ride!  Chiang Mai has several Elephant parks. Maetaeng park offers elephant rides, elephant shows, bullock cart rides and a ride down the rive on a bamboo raft!
This is the DCU Info Center's Rubber Chicken. He first lived with the incomparable Chip Colwell, who passed him along to Rich "Money" Meservey upon his departure. When Rich left the department, he left the chicken with me. Now, I'll need to find a new, worthy home for this guy before I leave DCU next Friday. 6/3/10

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