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A golden day
South American King Vulture    More Information           Thank You for Making this Daily Photo the #1 Pick on 03/26/2013   One Cool Bird. Elegant Neck Wrap.   That Swept Back Look Finishing in a Stylish PonyTail.    A Nose Job and Wild Eye Liner.       Link to Photo Without Frame
146 Jun 3/11 Crabapple Blossoms    A few weeks ago I finally bought a 400mm lens for wildlife shots.  Haven't used it too much for birds or animals so I thought I would try it on flowers.  This was taken off the deck which is a few feet higher than the tree.
Early morning hay field.
Delicate Swan - Sep 23 2010  She (he?) was all alone...  Did some (LOL) PP on this shot to make a kinda delicate picture.
28.04.10 - Kaleidoscope   When I walk into town I try to plan my route around photo opportunities, indeed I do the same if I drive in too. But this afternoon I was on foot, and on the way home I took a detour through the Arboretum to see what was new. As it happened there were plenty of new flowers in bloom, which gave me the opportunity to grovel around on my stomach to see what outrageous bokeh I could manage to get!   Apologies for any burned out retinas that might be caused by this riot of colour. If you want to see a few more subtle shots go here; http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/Nature/THE-ARBORETUM/6049364_a8pPu#850928920_dQnQb
Day 37 - Love    Thank you for all the great comments. I was quite nervous taking this set of flower photos for a wedding catalog because the flowers were to be used for a wedding the next morning. The client was rushing me in worries that the flowers being out of the refrigerator too long and its losing freshness. It was my first job shooting flowers commercially and that was quite an experience, to say the least.
Foggy Path, September 18, 2011    Photo Taken in the Craggy Gardens, in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. (Between Mt. Mitchell and Asheville). Elevation approx. 5,500. This Trail is approximately 1.5 miles long and can be accessed from the Blue Ridge parkway. This path does have a kind of spooky quality about it with its tunnels of Rhododendrons and thick jagged brush. Fog really adds to the effect.    Thanks so much for the very generous comments from so many great photographers here on Smugmug  Jeff Graham
Autumn - November 2, 2011     Thanks so much for all the very generous comments on "The Grid" photo yesterday. It was posted a couple of times before only to be ripped down by the "Snake" . Looks like it wouldn't die after all. It is one of my personal favorites as many things came together to get the shot. As it turned out I was trying to shoot blue jays on a fence when these black birds showed up everywhere. The background is a building with a corrugated siding which add the lines. The background colors near the bottom are from rust and mud. I added a graduated filter in processing to the top to give it some extra pop. Everything else was straight from the camera.      Thanks again so much from a great community of photographers.   Jeff Graham
Lars Loves Lollipops.  Kresten Refslund
15.04.12 - Distant Impressions    Every now and again people ask me why I call my photographic business "Light and Dreams Photography". It is difficult to express in a few words, but this image sums it up. For me photography is all about the light, and trying to create dreams with it, which sounds very pretentious, but it is how I feel in my heart. Most of the time this isn't possible, you can only do so much with the conditions at the time, and my skills aren't enough to make something beautiful every time I click the shutter, unlike the photographers I aspire to. But yesterday evening the light was absolutely magical, which made things a lot easier :)    This is more or less the reverse shot to yesterday's Daily, but a totally different perspective of course. I actually took about 90 photos while walking the dog, but most were very similar as I tried to catch the golden glow of the low sunlight on the oilseed rape fields. I've made a small gallery from the walk here;    http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/Landscapes/GOLDEN-FIELDS/22464665_tx7qcS#!i=1796050231&k=gBmQbsJ
January 7, 2012  This shot was taken just after sundown somewhere along the Mississippi coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  We had stopped to walk on the beautiful white-sand beaches and take some photos.  Just as we left, we stopped at a nearby marina to put gas in the car and I couldn't resist taking this photo.  Frame added in Picnik.  I hope you enjoy this tranquil setting captured in this photo - it's going to be one of my favorites from our recent vacation.  Check it out in X3 for all the color, reflections and details.  Thanks for your comments!!!  Have a fabulous weekend!!!  Linda
June 11, 2011    This is the same abandoned station where the marching line of gas pumps were found.  You can see that shot posted on June 5th here if you missed it.  I know many of you have seen it because of the wonderful comments which are very appreciated.    http://lgood.smugmug.com/Other/Daily-Photos-2010/12484643_ezMcC#1367630283_kkxm8S9    This is another set of gas pumps that are older in style, and were in front of the abandoned station.  As I mentioned before, there were 100s of pumps around this place.  It was so cool.    And here's an old sign that was in front of this old place- http://lgood.smugmug.com/Other/Signs/7752337_483tx//1061733754_#1376000970_H7MsspG    This was such a cool place and it brought back lots of memories for me from days gone by.  I hope you all enjoy it.    Linda
101509 39/365 Oct 15/09 Thanksgiving Flower    Still getting milage out of the Thanksgiving bouquet.
'Blowing Bubbles'...03/30/2011...    Getting a tiny bit closer to where I would like to be...had about 30-40 minutes yesterday to roam about the yard...found this and a few other things...
A golden day

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A golden day
A golden day

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.



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