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11-08: Friday afternoon I took a walk along the river near a place called Legacy Park in Fort Collins.
The morning flyout of snow geese at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in NM.  This is actually a tiny proportion of the snow geese that were part of the main flyout.  When that happens, the sky is pretty much covered totally with birds.  There are some shots of that in my "Birds" gallery.  They're not as interesting as photos, but they are pretty interesting in terms of understanding the flyout event.  I was amazed by your response to my shot of the cookware with the reflections.  Some of you wondered where I was, since I didn't show up much in the reflections.  I was off a bit to the side.  Unfortunately, that nice cookware is not mine.  I took the shot at Williams Sonoma.  Hope your week started well and that you have a great day!
“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”   Rachel Carson 3/27/2010
2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink
12-21: This is another from the foggy morning at the Collindale golf course. The fog was freezing on some of the trees branches and needles
I was on the mainland two weeks ago and visited an old town and found a street with these  houses from the 17th century
Thursday, June 7, 2012  "DELICATE BEAUTIES"  “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou   This summer, I am only perusing and commenting on photos as my limited time permits. Although it is summer vacation, I am not idle. This is a very busy time for me, as I have embarked upon a new and very challenging endeavor.  Don't miss a blooming thing this spring! This is one of my favorite flower captures. An abundance of colors, fragrances, and scenic views await you in these gardens. Also, I read that the meaning of hibiscus is "delicate beauty;" thus, the caption. These orange hibiscuses are amazing tropical flowers that come in many shapes, sizes and varieties.  They are known for their beauty and their large, colorful blooms.  You can plant hibiscus flowers indoors, outdoors, as a shrub, or as a simple flower.  With all of the different options available, who would not want to plant this flower?   SPEAKING OF SPORTS: In the words of Reggie Miller, we watched "greatness grow up" last night as the "young guns" of OKC defeated the San Antonio Spurs in OKC and ended the series 4 - 2. OKC has advanced to the NBA Finals........woo hoo!! Tonight, Boston Celtics will host Miami Heat in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The series is 3 - 2 with Boston leading the way. The family and I are pulling for Boston.  If Boston is victorious tonight, they will go on to face OKC in the NBA Finals - date TBD.   I truly appreciate your comments on yesterday's "Banana Tree" photo; it was the #2 photo of the day. Congrats to Maryann (aka "fotomom") for the #1 photo.  Hang in there; tomorrow is Friday.  Bellingrath Gardens and Home Mobile, AL  ***#1 photo of the day and all-time***  (photo taken 5/26/2012)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
• Bald Eagle  • Here comes mom with her catch
Water Lily  Shot at Ahmedabad while testing a Nikorr 105 macro lens.
I arrived there in time to catch a little fog for a moodier image.  You can see the Herons nest in the trees. They are pretty far  away. There is a big fence in front of all this so we can't get that close.
John Moulton's Barn must be one of the most photographed spots in the Grand Tetons.  Nonetheless, I was anxious to try to capture it.  The morning was quite cold and dreary.  The mountains were pretty well shrouded in clouds.  As I set up my camera and tripod, I thought I had almost no chance of getting a good shot and then, suddenly, the clouds lifted, the sun peeked through and I got a few decent shots.  Hope you like this one.  I was very busy today and did not get to comment on too many of your shots.  I'll try to catch up with everyone tomorrow.  Enjoy your day!
Normally this a dry lake bed in the desert. Not so dry this year. With a nother storm brewing I couldn't rezist capturing the clouds reflections where they are seldom seen.            I'd also like to thank everyone for all of thier inspiring and encourageing comments. Alot of people ask about the pp. Here it is (HDR) normally +3,normal,-3 stops.
10-30-08  Natural lenses    A tiny spider web and a misty morning give so many lenses ! Hard to keep every drop sharp and to focus on the picture given through the drops ! This one came out good enough among many other shots.     Can you see what was behind ? ^^
For the last 3 days we had a visit of 5 family members. We were very busy entertaining them so I had little time to post pictures. One of them was my youngest granddaughter, a real darling, so I shall share this picture with you
Fading Pink, Lake Sam Rayburn TX    Nini and I were lucky to see a beautiful sunset at Lake Sam Rayburn on Sunday with the dogs.  There were a lot of cool cloud formations.  I think the low layer of clouds right on the horizon made for some extra-special colors in the sky.  The pink swept across the sky from the East to the West.  This was the view just before the pink faded away.      This is a single two minute exposure taken just after sundown.  To make this photo I first found a nice composition, which I really struggled with because most of the cool rocks I've been shooting are now on the beach due to a recent drop in the water level (this area of the lake is pretty shallow so I'm guessing the shoreline fluctuates often).  Once I settled on this composition I played around with several graduated filter combinations until I finally decided on using a single  3-stop soft step graduated neutral density filter to bring the exposure of the sky down closer to that of the lake.  I fiddled with the filter for a bit, making sure it was exactly where I wanted it to be, and took several test shots to double check.  Once the filter was in place and just in time for sunset, I added a 5 stop neutral density filter to increase my exposure time from 4 seconds to 2 minutes.  I like the slow shutter effect in the clouds and water and I like the exaggerated colors that come from really long exposures.  Of course you don't get to take as many shots when you're using really long exposures and in this case I only took four.  After those four shots I removed the 5 stop neutral density filter and took a lot more during the blue hour.  During the long exposures I fiddled with another camera on another tripod, and even took a video I think.  I've been trying to take more video while I'm shooting, but I'll probably never get around to editing them.    Critiques always welcome.    Daily photo: September 12, 2012, taken September 09, 2012
11-08: Friday afternoon I took a walk along the river near a place called Legacy Park in Fort Collins.

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11-08: Friday afternoon I took a walk along the river near a place called Legacy Park in Fort Collins.
11-08: Friday afternoon I took a walk along the river near a place called Legacy Park in Fort Collins.

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