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I waited for 6 months for the sun to go down in the midle of the road. Fortunately it did not rain that day. I brought a boy with me to wave good night to the sun.  Suddenly I saw the birds comming from the left, and got them in "the decive moment".
Sunlight - I had to wait that the sun settle a bit before shooting this one. I wanted the tree to glow. Cheers - JY
Cotton-grass grows in wetlands. They are app. 30 cm (1 ft) high, so I got wet elbows and stomach to catch them at this angle
"Morning Sun"
Magical flight
Mother Nature's Graffiti August 2008 This shot is from the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument on a place simply called "Yellow Rock".  I walked all over the top of this great location and found this pattern in the stone just as the sun was going down and lit up the clouds and distant cliffs.  It is my favorite shot from Yellow Rock.
2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink
I arrived there in time to catch a little fog for a moodier image.  You can see the Herons nest in the trees. They are pretty far  away. There is a big fence in front of all this so we can't get that close.
May 4, 2008    Full Moon
2-1: Saturday evening we had quite a nice sunset, so I took a walk along the Poudre trail near Prospect street hoping to find some good views. I found this waterfall like thing.
While trying to capture some ants and aphids in my garden, I noticed this little spider (about a half inch across) with a large fly.  The spider was already sucking the insides out of the fly, which was already dead or paralyzed.  I managed to bring this pair into the house, where I experimented with a number of different lighting arrangements...trying to get the details of the spider, while maintaining a good dof.  It was very difficult and I never succeeded in getting the kind of sharpness and clarity that I wanted.  However, I think the subject is sufficiently interesting to use one of these images for my daily.  The other images from this effort are in my macro gallery (under the "other" category).  I think for this shot, you should probably view it in the original size.  The whole time I was shooting this the spider was moving around on the white paper.  Thanks for your kind comments on my iris pic today.  There were a lot of wonderful images posted today.  By the way, has anyone heard from Dave Dedman?  I haven't seen anything of his in a while and I know he had pneumonia.  I sure hope he's ok.  If some of you are communicating with him, give him my best wishes.
12-21: This is another from the foggy morning at the Collindale golf course. The fog was freezing on some of the trees branches and needles
3-13: All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy - I finally got out for some pictures Thursday evening. It was very overcast and I didn't think there would be much of a sunset but it ended up being very nice! This was taken at Running Deer natural area. Fort collins comes up with wierd names for some of it's natural areas.
The Dance

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.



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