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3-18-2010...  Just Squeezin' Green
I have many many rose shots to share but this one keeps tugging at me. Taken outside our favorite coffee shop.  Geraniums are loving the cooler weather this year. June 19/13
April 24, 2008    The Tennessee River and the Natchez Trace-    And, we had a little more light for tonight's game...enough for an alternate pic-  Check out the tongue-
09/25/09 - I was working at my computer yesterday when I noticed that there was a lot of condensation on the outside of my water bottle.  One thing lead to another, and I came up with this shot.  There's a flashlight behind the bottle that has a lot of little tiny light bulbs in it.  The water droplets took on the pattern of the bulbs.  I turned it b&w, cropped it, and fixed a bad spot on the water bottle that was distracting.  It's different...certainly in my daily gallery next to yesterday's vivid Halloween color shot!  Work was just horrible yesterday.  I hope I get to spend more time with my kids and my camera today.    Thank you all for the feedback on yesterday's glass shot.  You're a great inspiration to me to keep pushing to come up with something even more creative and pretty.    Happy Friday! Maryann  While I wasn't fully awake this morning, I put the caption under the keywords.  Thankfully, I discovered my error and was able to copy the text instead of having to rewrite it.
May 26,,,   I love this green weed and the toad stools.
Memory of Innisfree - I created this image for the last Dgrin megachallenge, which I was honored to get to participate in.  The original shot was of the waterwheel and shed like building.  I then added the water and, finally, added the brush and hand, which was cut out of another shot.  Then I gave the image some treatments that I thought made it look more like a painting.  I'd forgotten about the image when I came across it today and decided I'd like for you all to see it.  Thanks for the comments on my little macro shot of the branch and place where the pine cone had fallen off.  Hope your week has started off well and that it continues to go well.
July 6:  Mr Spidey Yes I know, ooohhh youck a bug :).  I was out looking for a pod, had my 18-200 on and was prowling the neighborhood.  I found nothing spectacular, just a few shot.  Most of the flowers are dead now due to the excessive heat and the lack of water we have had.  I had found a whole 4 shots which were not much when I spotted this guy on the weeping cherry in my front yard.  I went in the house and got the 105 macro and the R1 flash rig.  I set the flash units on the ring at 0 EV and -1.3 EV and went out.  He was still there so I fired away.  I took about 30 shots to get a few good ones.  He was a fast moving little guy and I chased him around the tree while he was spinning his web.  In the end he stopped and was doing some furious work with the front legs and then disappeared.  When I looked he was on the ISO knob of the camera checking me out.  He is only the size of the thumbnail on my little finger so he is small.  I did crop the shot for less leave and better view.  I added +5 black and +16 clarity in Lightroom.
6.4.09 - It's the small things again......  I'm feeling really rough today, a bug has taken up residence in my sinuses and throat. At least I'm hoping it's a bug and not allergies, because allergies in April doesn't bear thinking about! I went for a walk in the Nature Reserve near home at lunchtime in an attempt to clear my head. It worked nicely, apart from the frustration of chasing the first butterflies of the year and not even getting close to a shot. There aren't many wild flowers out yet, but if you look closely enough there is always beauty for those who seek it out. I'm so pleased with this shot, hand held in shaky hands, with a strong breeze blowing, and a 200mm lens that pretends to be a macro on a good day.   Thanks for the comments on my comedy geese yesterday. I tend to agree with Stephonie that I was too aggressive with the vignette, another lesson learnt :)  Lovers of poetry might want to check out my Monday Challenge entry here;  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#506641924_RCAAZ
7-19: Saturday morning, while out shopping at garage sales, we happend upon a place called the Gardens at Spring Creek. It's a pretty little place and they have a pond with water lilies. This dragon fly (cross my fingers that it really is) was very cooperative (compared to others that I also thought were dragon flies). I took several pictures of it. This is one of my favorites - the color in the bg courtesy of some water lilies.
The road less traveled is the best one. Shortly it turns to gravel and puts you next to the rivers edge where the foliage lights up the viewfinder. Wisconsin, the road to Strong Falls.   Thanks for making yesterday's photo go to the front page and all the awesome comments!!!! Paul Sr.
February 3, 2009
07-26-09  MMW  Idea and inspiration from Manny Librodo's work...and a special thanks to Mili (the model) and Bindu (for assistance).   Strobist: SB24 through umbrella from behind model. SB800 through softbox above and in front of model.   1. If you had to choose a different career what would you choose and why? Social work – I’m not sure if that’s a career, but that’s what I really want to do and will do some day. I think there is nothing to beat the satisfaction of helping those who need it the most. My particular interest is in helping underprivileged children in developing nations get an education.  2. What is your favourite cuisine? Why? Chinese food - there are many versions and I like them all. Having lived in Shanghai for a year I enjoyed authentic Chinese food, having grown up in India I've always loved Indian Chinese, and lately even American Chinese will do :-)  3. Do you believe in love at first sight? I think it depends on the kind of love. For non platonic adult love - not really. Having a pleasant face is always nice, but love is a complex and deep emotion that has very little to do with the way one looks. It takes time for love to happen and grow. For parental love – yes. Each time I saw the faces of my kids for the first time I fell in love, but even that love grows and deepens with time.  4. What is the most philanthropic deed you have done? Spent a day with the elderly in an old age home in India. That’s when I realized that there is no joy like helping a helpless human being….or animal for that matter.  5. What kind of music do you like? Having been a dancer for most of my life, having lived in India, and being married to a musician, music has always played an important role in my life and I like almost all kinds – my favorites are contemporary jazz, slow rock, R&B, and some Bollywood music!  Sorry I haven't had a chance to catch up on the dailies - been trying to revamp my page.  Hope to do so in the next couple of days..
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
Monday, July 27th. Another from the Grounds for Sculptor, Hamilton, N.J. SOOC.
April 17, 2008    Looking for a handout.
3-18-2010... Just Squeezin' Green

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3-18-2010...  Just Squeezin' Green
3-18-2010... Just Squeezin' Green

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Photo by: Chuck Beehner · See photo in original gallery.



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