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Birds joy for the remaining part of winter
07-26-09  MMW  Idea and inspiration from Manny Librodo's work...and a special thanks to Mili (the model) and Bindu (for assistance).   Strobist: SB24 through umbrella from behind model. SB800 through softbox above and in front of model.   1. If you had to choose a different career what would you choose and why? Social work – I’m not sure if that’s a career, but that’s what I really want to do and will do some day. I think there is nothing to beat the satisfaction of helping those who need it the most. My particular interest is in helping underprivileged children in developing nations get an education.  2. What is your favourite cuisine? Why? Chinese food - there are many versions and I like them all. Having lived in Shanghai for a year I enjoyed authentic Chinese food, having grown up in India I've always loved Indian Chinese, and lately even American Chinese will do :-)  3. Do you believe in love at first sight? I think it depends on the kind of love. For non platonic adult love - not really. Having a pleasant face is always nice, but love is a complex and deep emotion that has very little to do with the way one looks. It takes time for love to happen and grow. For parental love – yes. Each time I saw the faces of my kids for the first time I fell in love, but even that love grows and deepens with time.  4. What is the most philanthropic deed you have done? Spent a day with the elderly in an old age home in India. That’s when I realized that there is no joy like helping a helpless human being….or animal for that matter.  5. What kind of music do you like? Having been a dancer for most of my life, having lived in India, and being married to a musician, music has always played an important role in my life and I like almost all kinds – my favorites are contemporary jazz, slow rock, R&B, and some Bollywood music!  Sorry I haven't had a chance to catch up on the dailies - been trying to revamp my page.  Hope to do so in the next couple of days..
May 26,,,   I love this green weed and the toad stools.
The road less traveled is the best one. Shortly it turns to gravel and puts you next to the rivers edge where the foliage lights up the viewfinder. Wisconsin, the road to Strong Falls.   Thanks for making yesterday's photo go to the front page and all the awesome comments!!!! Paul Sr.
February 3, 2009
7-19: Saturday morning, while out shopping at garage sales, we happend upon a place called the Gardens at Spring Creek. It's a pretty little place and they have a pond with water lilies. This dragon fly (cross my fingers that it really is) was very cooperative (compared to others that I also thought were dragon flies). I took several pictures of it. This is one of my favorites - the color in the bg courtesy of some water lilies.
Monday, July 27th. Another from the Grounds for Sculptor, Hamilton, N.J. SOOC.
6.4.09 - It's the small things again......  I'm feeling really rough today, a bug has taken up residence in my sinuses and throat. At least I'm hoping it's a bug and not allergies, because allergies in April doesn't bear thinking about! I went for a walk in the Nature Reserve near home at lunchtime in an attempt to clear my head. It worked nicely, apart from the frustration of chasing the first butterflies of the year and not even getting close to a shot. There aren't many wild flowers out yet, but if you look closely enough there is always beauty for those who seek it out. I'm so pleased with this shot, hand held in shaky hands, with a strong breeze blowing, and a 200mm lens that pretends to be a macro on a good day.   Thanks for the comments on my comedy geese yesterday. I tend to agree with Stephonie that I was too aggressive with the vignette, another lesson learnt :)  Lovers of poetry might want to check out my Monday Challenge entry here;  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#506641924_RCAAZ
April 20, 2009 -  "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.
PollenMaker-3503    Shot this today while on a break from mowing the yard.  I hate mowing so I keep the camera handy as a diversion just in case I run across anything interesting.  And, as luck would have it, I did.  I ran across a really cool looking grasshopper.  Unfortunately, he was a little too disfigured from the mower to be a much of a macro model - poor guy.  : (        Then I saw this pine flower on a low hanging branch and thought it might be an interesting subject for a closeup.    Shot handheld with the 70-200 and 36mm extension tube.  I'll likely try this again with the tripod, on a day with no wind, for a little more sharpness and DOF.
April 17, 2008    Looking for a handout.
Sunday, April 22, 2012  "THE PHOENIX"   "Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." ~ Langston Hughes   SOOC........a different twist, but nevertheless, here's my contribution to fellow SmugMugger L. Perry Fuqua's "Earth Day" Challenge.   Of course, the colors were the initial attraction to this work of art.  This photo was taken as we were walking through the airport to await the boarding of our flight for home from Phoenix, AZ to Houston, TX. Unfortunately, I didn't get the artist name.  DISCLAIMER: The following views are not my personal views, opinions, or beliefs. The texts are included as background, informational purposes only. A card was given to me by a young man who was standing in the store after I snapped this picture. The following texts were written on it. Coincidentally, when I uploaded the Arizona photos and started putting the dates on them, this one just so happened to fall on today. With that said........  "The Phoenix" is associated with triumph over adversity, and that which rises out of ashes. It is symbolic of hope, purity, faith, eternity, and light. The Phoenix not only represents immortality but also an individual who stands apart from the rest, a person of rare qualities." ~ Reprinted text from the information card that was sitting on a nearby table  Additionally, "Only one Phoenix exists at a time. When the mystical bird felt its death was near, it would rebuild a nest of aromatic twigs in which it burned from the heat of its own body. The Phoenix would be consumed by the flames and then would resurrect from the ashes. The Phoenix's flight has been said to represent the capacity to leave the world and its problems behind, flying toward the sun in clear pure skies." ~ Reprinted text from the information card that was sitting on a nearby table  Thanks for your comments on the collectible "Salt and Pepper Shakers" that landed in the #1 spot yesterday.  Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday.  Sky Harbor International Airport Phoenix, AZ  ***#1 photo of the day and all-time***  (photo taken 12/31/2011)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
This guy was very in-tuned with my camera, every time he heard the shutter he looked and came a bit closer....last time he moved. my chair was in reverse! (Pidippus princeps, Jumping spider) Day 300 #365Project (2010.10.27) @sharkbayte  Thank you for all the kind comments on the past few days pictures!
June 11, 2008    Reflections of my world.     I was taking pictures of Gabe and his brother Gregory and this was the only one in the shot and the reflections I thought were kinda cool.    Just a note to all of you for your constant up lifting on my dailies. This is such a nice place to be everyday. I try to get something worthy everyday but just end putting up the best of what I took even if it isn't great technically it might be something special or meaningful. Oh well...I'll shut up now. Just wanted to say thanks.
09/07/09 - The boys and I went to a local private zoo yesterday called Noah's Landing.  This place is all about hands-on learning and interaction with the animals.  The NC Wildlife Rescue Center out of Sandford was onsite with some of their rescue birds, and this Great Horned Owl was amongst them.  I've only ever seen a Great Horned Owl in the wild once, and that was just a silhouette on a power line, so I was ecstatic to get to see one THIS CLOSE.      The boys and I had a superb time.  We got to touch an alligator, skunk, opossum and more.  We will go back!    I put up a blog post about our visit here:  http://maryanng.blogspot.com    Besides the great horned owl, they had a red-tailed hawk, a black vulture, a screech owl, and a barred owl.  Wow!      Thank you all so much for receiving my black swallowtail picture so well yesterday:-)  I took a picture of a red-spotted purple yesterday on the way to Noah's Landing, and that just might be tomorrow's POTD.     I hope you are enjoying the holiday!    Maryann
Birds joy for the remaining part of winter

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Birds joy for the remaining part of winter
Birds joy for the remaining part of winter

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