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April 20, 2009 -  "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.
South Rim View, Grand Canyon; best viewed in the largest sizes.  I appreciated the comments I received on the shot of the aloe buds.  Tremendous number of wonderful pics on smugmug today, although there is certainly not anything unusual about that.  However, I continue to be amazed by the talent and creativity displayed here.
Vertigo, anyone?    Trying to break out of the norm and see things from a new perspective.  This is a relatively new pedestrian bridge that crosses the Eno River and leads into the city park where all of my festival shots have come from.  This was the first time I crossed this bridge so I wanted to capture a few photos to mark the occasion.  Not content with a straight-on approach, I wondered what it would look like if I hung upside down from the top.  It probably goes without saying, but it was much harder to compose a decent shot than I expected. ;-)    Edit: It seems many have missed my little winkie there at the end.  I did NOT actually hang from the top.  I just wondered what it would look like if I had.  The difficulty was in getting the comp I wanted to make the shot look convincing.  This was shot standing on my own two feet, then the image was flipped in post.  While trying to compose this I was wishing for an inverted view, like the old view cameras.
Zebra coming at ya...    I find these animals facinating. I have had a terrible time trying to get a decent shot of them. Trying to hold the camera steady when your on a wagon and not only is it bouncing all around but so is the zebra.
8/14/12 - Rufous Hummingbird, best viewed in the largest size.  I spent some time yesterday shooting hummers.  Does anyone know how Phil Nix is?  I've tried to find out but haven't learned anything.  I know he was ill and I'm worried, as he has not posted in a long time.  Thanks so much for your encouragement and critique of my shot of the old bikes.  Much appreciated.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.  Have a good day, my friends!
Great Egret Reflection - Won 2nd place in the monthly CCB Photo Contest in April 2009
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
2060510 273/365 June 5/10    I had a hard time choosing this daily.  Ferns can be so fun to photograph.  The one that I did not pick can be seen here http://wildelifephotography.com/Photography/Flora/10027831_zKtCN#890420652_7nbJR    Thanks for all the comments on the dew drops yesterday and I would like to be able to tell you all how it did it, but the honest truth is that I got lucky.  A heavy dew left the 2 drops in a perfect position and when I got down to it's level this is what I saw  http://wildelifephotography.com/Photography/Macros-and-Close-Up/9903858_mkX9j#890237368_YWJin I've been trying for so long to capture something like that I just grabbed a dandelion, as they seem to be in abundant supply right now and placed it behind and it worked.
May 28, 2008    Backyard Plumeria    "We see things, not as they are but as we are."  Anais Nin 1903-1977    I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Your works are wonderful.  I know that full well.  Psalm 139:14
September 11, 2008 Our cats, Jake and Joey.  They are brothers - 11 years old.  We got them from a shelter when they were just a few weeks old.  They are great buddies and most mornings look out our front window like this.  I used to shoot a lot of pictures of them (before grandkids) but not much lately.  I like this one - it represents how close they are.
9.11.09 - Fog Lights  Today has been a beautiful one, fantastic weather, nice sunset, but the fog tonight was an extra surprise. When I came off the squash court at about 9.30pm I was hardly dressed for photography in near freezing fog, but I've been waiting too long for some fog to waste this opportunity. So instead of going home for a hot shower I drove straight to the Cathedral Quarter looking for photo opps! Needless to say I was the only person in shorts!!  I got a few good shots of the fog and the golden glow from the Cathedral floodlights, but this one was a real stroke of luck. This is one of my favourite shooting positions, but for 10 minutes I froze waiting for someone to come along and be a "ghost" for me. So I wandered around for a while, and was on my way back to the car when I spotted these two guys heading for my spot. I raced ahead of them (you see the shorts were useful!) and fired 3 quick shots as they approached. One was out of focus, one had lousy comp, but this one turned out OK I think. Straight out of camera, not even a crop, just a touch of in camera sharpening and low light noise reduction. This is a beautiful spot, but when the fog descends it becomes utterly surreal. I'm one photog hoping for more fog this winter :)  Thanks for the great response to my model railway shots, you guys blow me away!
321 - Apr-08  Smile...     D300 17-55mm f5.6 1/125    Noticed this gentleman at the mehendi function in Jaipur.      more Mehendi pics:  http://hershy.smugmug.com/gallery/7495562_7yorg/1/483832310_py3Di      http://www.javeri.net
Water Fountain in Friedrichshafen, Germany - 13 April 09    WINNER!!! of the DSS23 contest: "Saturated or Parched"
Into the Wild BLUE Yonder...      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo the #1 Pick on 02/03/2013     Link to Photo Without Frame
March 19...   Two of my grandchildren having fun in the bath
April 20, 2009 - "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.

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April 20, 2009 -  "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.
April 20, 2009 - "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.

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