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Life is dream....
July 25, 2009      "God, in His goodness sent the grapes  To cheer both great and small;  Little fools will drink too much,  And great fools not at all."    ANONYMOUS
Old lady at sunrise
Meet Cleopatra  she is a Tiger legged Monkey Treefrog  She and her mate are new to our family
1/15/09  CRABAPPLES IN THE SNOWSTORM  With temperatures plummeting    and more snow on the way, I added a little color   to brighten this cold, cold, winter day...  Hope you're staying warm...and feeding the birds AND squirrels... :-)
4.8.08 - Ripples    I had intended to do another SP today, I thought it was about time, otherwise I'd start getting bullied again (you know who you are MB!). But it has been a very hectic day, I'll try to summarise it without boring anyone :)    I had barely finished my breakfast when I got a phone call, total change of plans for today. Apart from a few minutes over a late lunch, when I actually managed to get home, I've been on the move all day. I finally got back at 9pm, with a stack of emails to answer and more phone messages. Most of these mean more changes of plan for tomorrow, and more work, but one was good news, really good news. I have won my first photographic competition, hooray, and this is the image that won. I took it nearly a year ago, as one of a series, and it has remained one of my favourites. I would do certain things differently if I got the chance, but throwing a pebble into a lake to generate your own ripples is a neat trick, if you get your aim and the timing right :)    Unfortunately I have a pile of paperwork to do before the morning, so I can't promise that I'll be able to catch up with the Dailies, but I'll try later. But for now I'm going to have a beer, if I can drink it with this big daft grin on my face :))
March 31, 2009...  After the storm.
19.12.10 - Merry Christmas to One and All  I usually wait until nearer the time before sending out my Smug Christmas cards, but the chaotic way things have been the last few days I thought I'd better "post early" in case events get in the way later.  I actually joined Smugmug 3 years ago this Christmas Day, and the friendships that have followed have been one of the big positives of that time. In a world that sometimes looks like it wants to polarise itself to death, watching the planet turn on the Smugmug Dailies is a timely reminder that whoever we are, there are far more things that we have in common than divide us.
12/21.  Big Sur Sunset and waves_DSC1781.  I captured this at Sunset in the middle of the rocks and waves.  The waves would come crashing in and through this little trough between the rocks.  My friend I was shooting with got stuck down in the trough when the wave came in and almost lost his camera!  Wow!  Thanks for the awesome comments on my image!  My SmugMug site has other images you should check out and also follow my latest on my Facebook Page here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yosemite-and-Bay-Area-Nature-Photography-by-John-Harrison/190152125697
01/27/10 - March 2006 Viewers' Choice  Month #23 - Retrospective of Daily Photos posted from 5/04 to 12/09 (most viewers for the month)  About this time (2005-6) I was competing and needed images in three different categories. One was "enhanced prints" and I came up with this technique that I called Out-of-Frame. It served me well during the competition year. Here's a gallery of images with this technique - http://www.pbase.com/ed_k/out_of_frame - where if you click on the gallery's 1st image, you can see a "How-To" series. Here's what I wrote in 3/06 -  This will be the scene at the Virginia state arboretum in a few weeks. I'm still fooling around trying to come up with a good "enhanced" competition image. I prefer not to alter the basic image and so have settled on this out-of-frame technique as a compromise - fanciful cropping by overlaying a border over the bottom of the original image and erasing the parts of the border that cover the out-of-frame branch. Complete the project by extending the canvas on the remaining three sides and placing a border around the inside of the canvas to give it a 3-d mat look. Oh - and I placed a very soft and subtle "shadow" over the bottom "mat" to match the overhanging branch. This may be one for competition.
September 11, 2009  John..  I took your advice last night....  half the bottle.  ;)    Yesterday was just one more chapter in a month and a half of nearly constant stress.  It started with a very unpleasant surprise having to do with Ian's job (he still has it - nothing has changed with his position -just unpleasant financial news).  Then some extended family issues that is very emotional and highly charged and yesterday - the air conditioner decided to start screetching like someone was taking a power tool to it.  $650.00+ later we have a new fan motor.  I really wanted to drink the entire bottle but couldn't because I have to be out and on the road by 7:15am. So John (very smart man that he is) suggested I just have half the bottle - which I did.    Emily is home from school today - not feeling well at all.  I will probably have her in to the doctor later this afternoon if I can get an appt. Why do kids (at least mine) always seem to get sick on Fridays and then there is the mad dash to the dr before the weekend hits.
Bayview Sunrise, Bayview TX    I think it's a good thing that I'm not going to be living this close to the bay when we move TX, otherwise I'd probably spend all my time on the docks.  I really love seascape photography when I get a chance to do it.  I really like how the long exposure effect smoothes out the water and of course the sunrise reflection.    This is a two exposure HDR and the exposure times are 8 and 15 seconds.  I use Photomatix Pro, version 4.1.3, but thanks to Art's question yesterday have now updated to 4.2.3.  In Photomatix I use tonemapping.  See my post yesterday for more info an links to Trey's HDR tutorial.  Yesterday I also provided links to a new lighting show with Joel Grimes on Framed Network called Lit up, check out  episode seven.  Lastly, Creative Live is broadcasting live and FREE all weekend.  The workshop is titled "Sales Sales Sales," taught by photo business guru Tamara Lackey.  I have seen Tamara's previous workshops on Creative Live and she really knows business.  Creative Live broadcasts replays all night long so you have two chances (or three if you stay up really late) to catch it.      Daily photo: July 21, 2012, taken July 5, 2012
3-6-2010…  Little Escar…    My last shot of Escar was back in October ‘09, when heavy rains drove it out of its home…  There has been some recent interest in snail shots, the rains have returned, and I thought I’d take out Escar for another photo session…  Go, Escar Go!!!    Escar recently has been seeing Garlic Butter, they appear to be going well together…
Butterfly - Jun 3 2009  I was shooting roses today when all of a sudden 7 butterfies drew my attention. They seemed particularly fond of these tiny pinkish red flowers... and were not disturbed by my presence. I had a good 150 shots of them in less than 10 minutes. I like this shot because of the neat details on the head.
2-12: Back after being very sick for almost a week. Wednesday morning I finally felt good enough to get up and take some pictures. This was taken a few minutes before sunrise on the Collindale golf course.
Life is dream....

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Life is dream....
Life is dream....

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.



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