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Buskirk's Bridge - Hoosick, NY
October 17, 2009 - "Color In The Fog"    This was shot at the top of the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.  As we descended to the bottom of the terraces, the cold, foggy and damp morning  turned to heavy sleet.  I was left alone as most people left to escape the sleet that was coming down almost horizontally.  My levi's were soaked when I got down but I ended up getting many beautiful photos to choose from!    It will probably take me 4 or 5 posts to attempt to convey the scope and beauty of the Mammoth Hots Springs Area.    from    http://www.nps.gov/yell/naturescience/mamterr.htm	  Mammoth Terraces - At Mammoth Hot Springs, a rarer kind of spring is born when the hot water ascends through the ancient limestone deposits of the area instead of the silica-rich lava flows of the hot springs common elsewhere in the park. The results are strikingly different and unique. They invoke a landscape that resembles a cave turned inside out, with its delicate features exposed for all to see. The flowing waters spill across the surface to sculpt magnificent travertine limestone terraces. As one early visitor described them, "No human architect ever designed such intricate fountains as these. The water trickles over the edges from one to another, blending them together with the effect of a frozen waterfall."
Eggs & chickens 09 July 2010  Shot at Colaba market in South Mumbai.  The colour version is here:   http://hershy.smugmug.com/Photography/Mumbai-my-city/Misc-shots-of-Mumbai/6410100_x8urE#927522116_5vvgA-A-LB   Today is our beloved Dash's birthday, he would have been 17! Guess can't complain because he gave us so much love for 16.6 years...
Blueberries  Driving down the road, I thought this was a pretty January scene.  Oregon is well known for its berries.  The lines running away from us are blueberries, and the bushes to the right of the farmhouse are more blueberries. I think the bushes in front of the house are, too, but the color is slightly different. We'll have to drive by in the summer and see for sure.   Yummy ~Deb 1/25/2010
Cowboy at the Rodeo - I saw this gentleman walking away from the coliseum and snapped this photo.  He glimpsed me taking his picture and stopped and offered to pose for me.  I took some other shots of him but liked this first one the best.  I appreciated those of you who took the time to check out my most recent barrel racing shot.  Thanks.  My cold is still hanging in there, but I'm sure I'll start to get better soon.  Like everyone else, I hate being sick.  I've fallen down a bit on my commenting but hope to be back to normal tomorrow.  Enjoy your day!
January 30, 2009    Emily - again.      I wanted to try out some new backdrop paper I got and our ice day was the perfect opportunity.  I also wanted to get some practice with it because I had a session scheduled for this coming Saturday.  That was cancelled today - really kinda bummed, but I am more concerned about my client.  She had emergency surgery today.  I really hope she recovers soon and then maybe we can rebook.    I took quite a few different shots of Em - and of course like any proud Mom - I will more than likely post a few of them.  I gotta say I am proud of both of my girls - Kylie has seemed to capture my love for teaching and children.  She is going to make one heck of an early childhood - grade4 teacher when she finishes school.  And Em - not only is she one heck of a model, but has also captured my love for photography.    Add to that a husband whom does nothing but support and love me - and I am extremely blessed .
The Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) is a small white heron. It is the American counterpart to the very similar Old World Little Egret, which has established a foothold in the Bahamas.
May 15, 2011-Clouds. After having t-storms all night, losing power and a restless pup, the sky finally cleared and I was able to get outside.   I was wondering should I be using a filter and if so what kind should I use? (Day 135:365 @sharkbayte)
02.02.10 - The Light  The only good thing about a day of cold drizzle is that it makes cobbles very photogenic! As soon as I'd finished work I went in search of wet cobbles. Usually I would like a person in a photo like this, but I like the atmosphere in this as it is. I deliberately under-exposed the shot to emphasise the light.
Blue Hour Reflections, Lake Sam Rayburn TX  The high water at Lake Sam Rayburn makes for some beautiful reflecting pools.  I tried several different compositions, but this one was kept catching my eye as I scrolled through my recent photos.  I hope you like it!  A previous photo of this sunset can be seen here.  This is a single four minute exposure with no filters.  The clouds were moving right at us and I really wanted to capture some cloud movement.  This was the last photo I took before hiking back to the car in the dark.  Critiques are always welcome.  Daily photo: February 11, 2013, taken January 21, 2013
January 3, 2010 - "Rocky Mountain High"    This photo is the introduction to photos for a new gallery starting tomorrow that I have been working on.  The series will be presented with B&W images created from photos shot in July 2001 in the Vail, Colorado area.  Everything was shot with my first point and shoot camera that i purchased in June that year.    This scenic image (2001)  was shot while on a hike to Shrine Pass (el. 11,089 ft.).
 IMG_9842 copy 2
A Flower for Caroline - Mar 22 2010  This is one for my darling Caroline... those little imperfections make the flower not less beautiful! They make it stand out! Shot this flower on a mirror with black cloth as background. The light (daylight) comes from the right through a window. I used the smooth portrait filter from topaz on a copy of the BG layer to smoothen the reflection so the mirror effect wasn't so obvious. Finally I erased the top of that layer so the flower becomes the original one again. Have a nice start of the week!
Magic Dunes - Oct 22 2009  The magic begins... but it only lasts a moment!
Twiggy - Jul 16 2009  While her masters are on vacation Twiggy is staying with us... and here she looks a bit homesick... but she's not feeling homesick at all but enjoying an old bone! She loves to play with our dogs, guess she never had 19 'friends' to play with before. I 'borrowed' this shot from Caroline since I didn't had time today...
Buskirk's Bridge - Hoosick, NY

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Buskirk's Bridge - Hoosick, NY
Buskirk's Bridge - Hoosick, NY

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