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11-8-2010...  Flamin Water...
102010  Hector Falls    This waterfall is probably the most convenient and cooperative in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. It sits right next to the road and flows under a bridge just north of Watkins Glen on the east side of Seneca Lake. You could get a great view without getting out of the car!
Sedona, Arizona - taken very close to sunset when the red sandstone rocks really glow in the light.  Thanks to those of you who commented on my shot of the two silhouetted dragonflies on the rosebush.  Take lots of great shots this weekend.
Into the smoke This gallery is a collection of some of my favorite shots.......as you will see my interests are all over the place ! Your comments are welcome.
When I saw this opening in a fence at the Denver Botanical Garden and this view through it, I knew I would want to make it a daily.  Some folks may think the workers and the tractor spoil a rather idyllic scene, but I rather like the down-to-earth aspect of what it takes to keep a huge botanical garden looking its best.  Thanks again for your comments on the daily yesterday of Chyler, the little girl baby in the swim suit.  I sure appreciate everyone's thoughts.  I never cease to be amazed at the variety and quality of the images on smugmug.  To paraphrase, so many photos, so little time...
I miss the frost, fog and sun... - Feb 5 2009  No opportunity to shoot pictures today... so this is a shot from the past frost period. It was a candidate for my alternate gallery, but I might as well put if here! God, I miss that kinda weather. Now it's just dark and wet here.
Smile for the Camera!   Thank you for making this the #1 shot on 6/26/2013!!!   6/26/2013
Me, General Custer - Jan 9 2011  Here you go Janet... What I learned about this is that you can't turn a frog into a prince with photoshop... for that you need a real fairytale!!  Have great Sunday!
Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming  Sure appreciated the comments on my shot inside Billy's Giant Hamburgers.  Some of you asked if I was in the kitchen.  In this tiny diner, the customers sit on stools at counters that surround the kitchen on three sides, so we had a bird's eye view of the kitchen activity.  I was about two feet away from the cook when I took those shots.  I spent most of the day playing with polymer clay with my granddaughter and grandson.  Lots of fun!  However, as a result, I did not make much progress on my processing.  Well, I will get it done when I get it done.  Hope everyone's week is going well.  The weekend is almost here.
Fog! - Jan 08 2009  Had fog most of the day and combine that with temperatures below 0C°... and you get great effects on trees, leaves and so on. I shot these trees before, but they weren't good enough as DP. Now, with the fog and frost added they do.  Had a rather hard and long day at work, so commenting on your pictures will be mostly for tomorrow.
April 23:  Sometimes a little out of focus on the egdes does a body good!  It's ok to have a bad hair day, gives you character!  Besides a perfect focus world would be rather boring!!
3rd year Pic 310 - Aug 23 2011 Drongo dive  Khem Vilas, Ranthambhore  Best seen in X2 or bigger size  More pictures at  http://hershy.smugmug.com/Travel/Ranthambhore/RT-June-2011/17444320_Qps9C3
'Reaching Out'...04/06/2011...
Old but not forgotten!    September 16, 2010    I really loved the looks of this old GMC truck - I don't know the year.  But the grill, the pretty blue color that I guess it once was painted when it was new, and the rust just gives it tremendous character in my books.   I really loved this photo a lot.      The blinker signal on top of the head light was another detail that I thought was cool - it looks almost plastic, but I'm sure that it isn't.  Hope you enjoy this old classic that someone is still driving and loving each day.   It's so neat to see that we are saving our past and not throwing it away.    Have a great evening!!    Thanks for all you comments in the last couple of days on my grandson picture & the self portrait/reflection in the hubcap.  Take care!    UPDATE - one of my friend's friend says this is a 1947.      Linda
17. apríl 2010  The eruption in the volcano Eyjafjallajökull has stopped most flights in Europe for the past few days. Wonder how long that will last. Our second eruption in two months. The big one "Katla" is waiting - will it stop flights all over the world?
11-8-2010... Flamin Water...

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11-8-2010...  Flamin Water...
11-8-2010... Flamin Water...

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Photo by: Chuck Beehner · See photo in original gallery.



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