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Glazed Over. Woke up to a wintry mix, snow then sleet then rain. And more predicted to come this weekend. Just hope its all snow and not ice! Day 351 (2010.12.17) @sharkbayte
04/29/2011 Chemtrails at sunset Thank you for your wonderful comments.
Take-off - Apr 27 2011  This one had enough of the photo shoot and flew away... but not without giving me this shot!
The View, Lake Sam Rayburn TX  The view from the camera that is featured in my photo from yesterday.  The colors erupted after sundown as these wispy clouds moved across the horizon to cover the area where the sun had just went down.  It was a very unique sunset for sure.  This is a single 30 second exposure. I used a three-stop soft-step graduated ND filter and a two-stop soft-step graduated ND filter to reduce the exposure above the foreground.  Critiques are always welcome.  UPDATE:  CreativeLIVE is live and FREE with wedding photography master Marcus Bell.  The FREE re-watch just started.  Visit www.creativelive.com/live often over the next three days to get a free education from one of the world's best.  Daily photo: February 6, 2013, taken February 2, 2013
The lady loves danger - Jul 25 2011  You rarely see them on flowers and now I know why... I rescued this one being trapped in a flower heart covered with so much pollen she couldn't get out. I 'cleaned' the lady with some drops of water to rinse off the pollen (there are some left on the legs) and of she went... only to explore another flower...
Red Rod......Red Rod.....; Here's another shot from my found SD card- Thank you for all your comments on yesterday's yellow Ford!
Hello All,    I really like Male Hooded Mergansers. I feel between the blacks, whites and the awesome crest they are one of the most beautiful ducks.  I’ve viewed many images of this duck, profile shot with crest up (displayed). While this does make for a nice pose I wanted to do something a little different and still show off that incredible crest. So off I went to Forsythe Wildlife Refuge. Luckily I found about a dozen feeding and parked the car to watch. About 3 hours later this male started swimming straight towards me with a strong wind hitting him from behind. I took the shot and was pleased with what I got, something different but still displaying the crest for which they are known. I hope you like the shot and please leave a comment telling me what you think..........Thank You!!!      The Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) is a small duck and is the only member of the genus Lophodytes.    Hooded Mergansers have a crest at the back of the head which can be expanded or contracted. In adult males, this crest has a large white patch, the head is black and the sides of the duck are reddish brown. The adult female has a reddish crest, with much of the rest of the head and body a greyish-brown. The Hooded Merganser has a sawbill but is not classified as a typical merganser.      The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is a United States National Wildlife Refuge located in southern New Jersey along the Atlantic coast north of Atlantic City, in Atlantic and Ocean counties. The refuge was created in 1984 out of two existing refuge parcels created to protect tidal wetland and shallow bay habitat for migratory water birds. The Barnegat Division (established in 1967) is located in Ocean County on the inland side of Barnegat Bay. The Brigantine Division (established in 1939) is located approximately 10 miles (16 km) north of Atlantic City along the south bank of the mouth of the Mullica River. The two divisions are separated by approximately 20 miles (32 km). The refuge is located along most active flight paths of the Atlantic Flyway, making it an important link in the network of national wildlife refuges administered nationwide by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Forsythe Refuge is a part of the Hudson River/New York Bight Ecosystem and The New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route. The refuge is named for Edwin B. Forsythe, conservationist Congressman from New Jersey.
Silhouette - Aug 5 2010  This shot is an accident, I was waiting a long time to take a picture of this specimen... but they stayed always high up in the bushes. While shooting another butterfly one came flying over my head to land on a leaf just above me. I turned and started taking pictures immediately, but with the 'wrong' settings ending up with this result! I just had to darken the silhouette a bit...   Thanks again for all the nice comments over the last week(s), this is really a super community!
November 7, 2010    This is another gorgeous 1950s something Cadillac convertible that is a beautiful burgundy color.  Unfortunately, I failed to get the details on the year of the car, and it's options.  But I wanted to share with everyone because I thought it was such a pretty car.    It was a difficult shot because there was so many distractions and people around the car.  I couldn't get a clean shot.  I almost sent this one to the trash can, but then I looked at it several times & liked the clarity of the people that were admiring this beauty.    So  I decided that I would go ahead and post it because the reflections in the side of the car of all the people standing around & talking amongst themselves was kind of interesting.  I guess most of you know how much I love reflections.    Even though it's not a pure classic car shot, I did think there's some measure of interest in the shot, and I'm short of time tonight.  I think it's best viewed in the larger sizes.    Hope you all enjoy.  Your comments on my 'hat' shot yesterday were very appreciated, and I thank you very much.    Best,  Linda
'Afternoon Shower'...10/19/2010...
June 7, 2011-My first bluebird capture and he posed for me! This is Ollie, and he's one twitterrifc bird. Tweet, Tweet! (Day 158:365 @sharkbayte)  thanks for all the comments on my hummingbird shot yesterday.
July 31, 2010 - "Catching Some Rays"  This was shot in Colorado last month.
June 4th - "The Beast"    This was one of the most incredible storms I have ever witnessed.  We had been following this storm for several hours through North West Oklahoma.  As it neared the town of Piedmont it merged with a storm from the south.  As this happened the storm went absolutely bonkers, dropping a tornado shortly after this image was taken.    Piedmont, Oklahoma  Technical Details: Shot with Canon 5d mk2 and Canon 24-70mm lens at F10 and 1/8.    Panorama created from 10  vertical shots.
01-08-2013. Oil and Water Abstract #2. Another one from the other day.  For color and texture I scattered four DVDs around 6 inches underneath a clear glass shallow plate which wa. s straddled on top of two boxes. Added a thin layer of water to the plate and dropped oil into the water. Used a table lamp for light. Tripod-mounted and used a macro lens.    Thank you Terry, I think I agree. I didn't realize the DVDs would cause the line. I attempted to remove it here:  http://kjakes1.smugmug.com/Photography/Abstract/i-mZLLC65/0/X2/_V8A0266no_line-X2.jpg      Thank you so much for your comments on my abstract yesterday!
3rd year Pic 314 - Aug 27 2011 Finch Khem Vilas, Ranthambhore Best seen in bigger size Colour version and other pictures of Finch are at  http://hershy.smugmug.com/Travel/Ranthambhore/RT-June-2011/17444320_Qps9C3#1354031134_hT893Mr  for info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finch
Glazed Over. Woke up to a wintry mix, snow then sleet then rain. And more predicted to come this weekend. Just hope its all snow and not ice! Day 351 (2010.12.17) @sharkbayte

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Glazed Over. Woke up to a wintry mix, snow then sleet then rain. And more predicted to come this weekend. Just hope its all snow and not ice! Day 351 (2010.12.17) @sharkbayte
Glazed Over. Woke up to a wintry mix, snow then sleet then rain. And more predicted to come this weekend. Just hope its all snow and not ice! Day 351 (2010.12.17) @sharkbayte

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