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'Afternoon Shower'...10/19/2010...
July 31, 2010 - "Catching Some Rays"  This was shot in Colorado last month.
June 7, 2011-My first bluebird capture and he posed for me! This is Ollie, and he's one twitterrifc bird. Tweet, Tweet! (Day 158:365 @sharkbayte)  thanks for all the comments on my hummingbird shot yesterday.
November 7, 2010    This is another gorgeous 1950s something Cadillac convertible that is a beautiful burgundy color.  Unfortunately, I failed to get the details on the year of the car, and it's options.  But I wanted to share with everyone because I thought it was such a pretty car.    It was a difficult shot because there was so many distractions and people around the car.  I couldn't get a clean shot.  I almost sent this one to the trash can, but then I looked at it several times & liked the clarity of the people that were admiring this beauty.    So  I decided that I would go ahead and post it because the reflections in the side of the car of all the people standing around & talking amongst themselves was kind of interesting.  I guess most of you know how much I love reflections.    Even though it's not a pure classic car shot, I did think there's some measure of interest in the shot, and I'm short of time tonight.  I think it's best viewed in the larger sizes.    Hope you all enjoy.  Your comments on my 'hat' shot yesterday were very appreciated, and I thank you very much.    Best,  Linda
Just a quick shot out the back door...as you can see,it was another wet and gloomy day.    Sorry I've been lagging behind in posting and commenting...this weather is driving me crazy and I just can't seem to get motivated. Hopefully before long,I will be back on track!
3rd year Pic 314 - Aug 27 2011 Finch Khem Vilas, Ranthambhore Best seen in bigger size Colour version and other pictures of Finch are at  http://hershy.smugmug.com/Travel/Ranthambhore/RT-June-2011/17444320_Qps9C3#1354031134_hT893Mr  for info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finch
2031810 194/365 Mar 18/10    Breakfast or supper?
Indigo on the fence!
Giant Bubble - At Christmas, I asked for and received a kit on making giant bubbles.  Because of the cold weather, I had not tried it until today.  My granddaughter, Quinn, and I decided to go for it today, even though it was still dry and windy.  It worked!  Best viewed in the largest sizes to see the incredible detail of the bubble.  Thanks for all your comments on my shot of the moon, as well as the many comments I received on my previous day's shot of the sandhill cranes.  Very encouraging!  Hope everyone had a good weekend!
04/21/10 - Early Morning Dew On the way back from Dad's house, I saw a few daisies blooming.  Taking daisy pictures in the field just around the corner from my house is one of my favorite spring photo activities, so yesterday morning I went to see if they were blooming here.  Not yet.  I didn't even see the flower buds yet.  I'll keep a watch out.  Anyway, I took about 100 pictures of other things in the field.  Really neat stuff if you take the time to stop and look.    I took pics of this from from on top:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Nature/April-2010/11699927_Ufdur#843240298_MZ9XE and this under shot.  The water drops do it for me.  I also made a collage of the best 9 pics:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Nature/April-2010/11699927_Ufdur#843256841_owYne  I hope you enjoy...  Thanks so much for your all too kind comments on the bachelor buttons from yesterday...  HAGD, Maryann
March 13, 2012 - I'm a Nikon girl !    PS: water drop refractions of a inverted Nikon cap ! best seen in the largest sizes
A Different Point of View
Oct. 11, 2010    Golden corn for the Canadian "Thanksgiving" day, which is today.
June 4th - "The Beast"    This was one of the most incredible storms I have ever witnessed.  We had been following this storm for several hours through North West Oklahoma.  As it neared the town of Piedmont it merged with a storm from the south.  As this happened the storm went absolutely bonkers, dropping a tornado shortly after this image was taken.    Piedmont, Oklahoma  Technical Details: Shot with Canon 5d mk2 and Canon 24-70mm lens at F10 and 1/8.    Panorama created from 10  vertical shots.
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'Afternoon Shower'...10/19/2010...

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'Afternoon Shower'...10/19/2010...
'Afternoon Shower'...10/19/2010...

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