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Taken yesterday but it is very cold today ,Oct.1,.This post is for tomorrow Oct.2 ,It could snow soon and my lovely posey will be too weird to offer up on icy days, Strange weather patterns we have these centuries. It never snowed till Halloween , in the old days. LOL A dahlia on the same street as the birdhouse.  Gotta sleep now. Working all weekend.ZZZZZZZZ
10/25/10 - Orange Delight  Taken in the Yates Mill parking lot yesterday.  It looks like a Zinnia, but I'm not sure.  It was growing in a short compact clump more like a mum.  I guess I'm used to the original and tall zinnia varieties.    I was talking with the park ranger yesterday about how I love to go to Yates Mill sometimes stopping just to take pictures in the parking lot and how I loved their flower beds and landscaping. I must have 20 dailies from there so far.    The boys and I spent most of the day outside yesterday traveling to several parks (Yates, CHJ Environmental, and Falcon).  Inbetween them, I stopped alongside the sidewalk of the mayor's house in Fuquay to take this canna lily shot which was my second pick of the day:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Nature/October-2010/13997660_mQzpD#1062623070_JW4kc He was out watering a wilted dogwood tree, and I hollared hello over the tall foliage.  He has no clue who I am but was cordial.  I've stopped to look at his flowers before.    We're going to be flat out hot the next two days, and then it's going to take another big chill down next weekend.    The boys go back to school this AM until Veterans Day and then the Thanksgiving break.  But, we have plenty of Halloween fun lined up this coming weekend, so I'm just going to focus on that this AM as we try to buckle back down into our school/work routine.  Sigh...  Joey's POTD:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Daily-Photos/LightningFastJoeys-POTD/11187845_dd7pS#1062925210_ukTuX  HAGD, Maryann  Late note:  Changed the flower ID to more strongly suggest Zinnia after a lot of Googling and looking at pics there for comparison.
Gibs of Albions March - Mar 10 2010  The kick-off of the dog portrait series :-) Just kidding, although I could easily go on until April with 19 models around me all the time. Must say some a hard to capture on camera... but not our Gibs. He like all border collies is very obedient and waits patiently.
The morning Caddo Lake: Nov.13, 2010 [Taken Nov.7, 2010]    On the last Sunday morning, Hiro and I canoed in the Caddo Lake to see the morning sun. It was a cold morning and still dark when we started canoeing. No boats, no other canoes, only birds and us did something..it was a wonderful time.  The surface of the lake was veiled in the morning haze and after soon we set out canoeing,  a sun broke through the haze.    Today, Hiro and I are going to Papa's house. I will be able to take some photos in Papa's yard! I'm excited!   Everyone, have a nice weekend.
Just a little goldfinch on a vine!
Inside Shove Chapel on the Colorado College Campus.  Thanks to everyone who commented on my shot of the restaurant window in the Fine Arts Center.  Yes, it is a lovely place to have a lunch or dinner.  The view is wonderful, as is the food and service.
September 6 2010  Raining Fire    For this I one I tried a 20 second exposure.  As I said yesterday, for me, shooting fireworks involves lots of guess work.  I like the way this one came out.  I shot it from the 41st floor of Lake Point Tower.
The Ice Sheltie - Dec 27 2010  Had a shoot with our dogs in the garden... they just love snow and snow we have this year. This is my Charlie after he plunged in a pile of snow.
Meet the Dogs - Jan 4 2011  Sunday's shoot with the dogs was to finally get good portraits of some 'less easy' models, to make this 'Meet the Dogs' collage. I'm always talking about having 18 dogs... but not all of them made it to the dailies. Now they have... the collage was made from scratch in CS5.  Let me introduce you to (from left to right, top to bottom) Hokami (male, border collie), Chaman (male, malinois), Fender (male, border collie) Rebel (male, border collie), Pearl (female, pyrenean shepherd), Djazz (male, pyrenean shepherd) Calix (male, pyrenean shepherd), Gigi (female, poodle), Blue (male, pyrenean shepherd) Charlie (male, shetland sheepdog), Moëma (female, australian shepherd), Chaplin (male, shetland sheepdog) Sweet (female, border collie), Crak (male, border collie), Csango (male, border collie) Gatsby (male, australian shepherd), Equinox (female, australian shepherd), Gibs (male, border collie)  So this is our 'pack' for the moment...

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Photo by: Stephen Haines · See photo in original gallery.



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