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4-09: One more fox pup picture. I cropped this one in a little tighter. This little guy obviously noticed me too.
Magical flight
John Moulton's Barn must be one of the most photographed spots in the Grand Tetons.  Nonetheless, I was anxious to try to capture it.  The morning was quite cold and dreary.  The mountains were pretty well shrouded in clouds.  As I set up my camera and tripod, I thought I had almost no chance of getting a good shot and then, suddenly, the clouds lifted, the sun peeked through and I got a few decent shots.  Hope you like this one.  I was very busy today and did not get to comment on too many of your shots.  I'll try to catch up with everyone tomorrow.  Enjoy your day!
January 15, 2012 - Sunset at  Arthur J. Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Charleston, SC     Arthur J. Ravenel Jr. Bridge is North America’s longest cable-stayed bridge. The bridge spanning the Cooper River is 1,546 feet long and connects historic downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant.     thanks everybody for the wonderful comments on yesterday's photo of K and the birthday wishes. Both of us were quite overwhelmed ! thanks from K as well !    late edit: yes, this is taken from a moving car, K was driving :) !    edit: this shot won the dgrin challenge Angles or shapes in Jan 2012 !!
Petrified Remains
"Morning Sun"
10-30-08  Natural lenses    A tiny spider web and a misty morning give so many lenses ! Hard to keep every drop sharp and to focus on the picture given through the drops ! This one came out good enough among many other shots.     Can you see what was behind ? ^^
May 4, 2008    Full Moon
11-23-12 This is one of my favorite images that I decided to share.  Critiques Welcome.
Mother Nature's Graffiti August 2008 This shot is from the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument on a place simply called "Yellow Rock".  I walked all over the top of this great location and found this pattern in the stone just as the sun was going down and lit up the clouds and distant cliffs.  It is my favorite shot from Yellow Rock.
May 22...   For the last 3 days we had a visit of 5 family members. We were very busy entertaining them so I had little time to post pictures. One of them was my youngest granddaughter, a real darling, so I shall share this picture with you
While trying to capture some ants and aphids in my garden, I noticed this little spider (about a half inch across) with a large fly.  The spider was already sucking the insides out of the fly, which was already dead or paralyzed.  I managed to bring this pair into the house, where I experimented with a number of different lighting arrangements...trying to get the details of the spider, while maintaining a good dof.  It was very difficult and I never succeeded in getting the kind of sharpness and clarity that I wanted.  However, I think the subject is sufficiently interesting to use one of these images for my daily.  The other images from this effort are in my macro gallery (under the "other" category).  I think for this shot, you should probably view it in the original size.  The whole time I was shooting this the spider was moving around on the white paper.  Thanks for your kind comments on my iris pic today.  There were a lot of wonderful images posted today.  By the way, has anyone heard from Dave Dedman?  I haven't seen anything of his in a while and I know he had pneumonia.  I sure hope he's ok.  If some of you are communicating with him, give him my best wishes.
Ride 'em cowboy! - This statue, which is lifesize, or even bigger than lifesize, stands in front of the Rodeo Hall of Fame here in Colorado Springs. I shot this with my 24 - 70mm lens, shooting from ground level.  I did not actually have to lie down to get this angle.  Thanks for your support of my shot of the freestyler.  I processed new photos all afternoon until my mouse quit working.  This is the third wireless mouse in a year that has quit working with my mac and I cannot really work with the track pad for very long.  So, tomorrow, I guess I'll have to go in and get another mouse, unless I can convince the Apple store to replace it for free.  It is snowing here a bit and we have to get out really early tomorrow, as Phil has a doctor's exam (just a checkup).  Hopefully, the roads won't be too bad.  Hope your Friday is a good one!
I was on the mainland two weeks ago and visited an old town and found a street with these  houses from the 17th century

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.



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