DailyPhotos - Most Popular Today : Title 'Kin ole leaf, project abstract H614, week one - copper effect' This great kin ole leaf in a graveyard is dedicated to my mate Jason, whose favourite colour just happens to be copper. I met Jason in February 2011 when a friend rather unwittingly invited me to take photos of his new band. It soon became apparent that we were going to get on really well when he invited me to down to his 'hood' for the day - turned out to be a packed lunch touring round local graveyards. Never met anyone else (living) before who likes hanging round in graveyards. Since discovered he also likes grotty old piers, kin ole leaves, and zombies, so we have a lot in common - like, where have you been all my life?! Anyway, I did return the favour and dragged him round some of Sourfend's grottiest graveyards last weekend. And we took some pictures. And he didn't complain. And that deserves a mention.

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